Originally formed in 1999, Coyote Run has changed significantly from its Celtic Folk roots, evolving into one of the hottest bands on the Celtic Rock circuit today. Blending traditional tunes with rich, literate lyrics, compelling melodies and rock, jazz and flamenco instrumental hooks, this band weaves a tapestry unlike any other out there. Their lyrics and music take the audience on a journey that is at once heart stopping and foot stomping. Tears, laughter, clapping and spontaneous dancing are regular features of a Coyote Run concert.

Their instrumentation begins with musical elements familiar to fans of Celtic music, i.e. wailing bagpipes, dancing whistles, and intricately woven accordion lines, but then includes the tribal growl of the didgeridoo and the backbeat of the djembe, all couched and supported by world class jazz/rock bass, and electric and flamenco guitar. But none of this would work at all, were it not for the symphonic, nuanced and incredibly powerful rock drumming that surrounds, supports and drives all of the music. All of this musical power and richness wraps around our acclaimed lyrics. Founder David Doersch was a professor of Theatre for over 20 years when he began writing the music that brought this band together. His love of poetry, drama and myth has served as the focal point for this wildly unique band.

In January of 2008, the work began on Coyote Run's seventh CD, "Between Wick and Flame." This CD was recorded at Doug's studio, Ceridwen Productions, and produced by David and is clearly the high water mark of all of our albums to date. It features audience favorites like "The Tiger," "Finnean's Dance," and "Fool," but also introduces them to new favorites like "Falcon's Mouth" and "Whalesong." The response to this album and the band's new configuration has been so enthusiastic that we completely sold out of the first run of the CD within one month its release. There is a real buzz about Coyote Run right now, a wave of new energy and excitement among our fans that is palpable.

Presenting a rich, intelligent and passionate music to their audience, Coyote Run stands on the most prestigious stages in America, huge festivals and concert halls, famous music clubs and more. They present a music that touches the ancient, the mythic and the traditional and bridges it all into powerful, accessible Rock.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Coyote Run commands a vigorous and robust talent for story telling through their unique blend of Celtic Rock, vocals and pure musical talent on a wide range of instruments (bagpipes, guitars, accordion, whistles, didgeridoo, electric bass, drums). Their sound is fresh and their harmony colorfully orchestrated. "Between Wick and Flame" is a brilliantly arranged album of some of our favorite Celtic tunes such as Tam Lin, Blackbird and Queen of Argyll. Along with some new original material - our favorites are Finnean's Dance, Falcon's Mouth and The Tiger. Coyote Run is an exceptionally polished and gifted group of musicians who obviously enjoy what they do. As a result you can expect an intense and powerful experience bordering on Celtic Rock, mixed with the mystic and legend of the stories brought to life of long ago antiquity. 5 Legendary Stars for Coyote Run! Definitely a compelling album to add to your Celtic music collection this fall as well as exploring their extensive past catalog of music.