FAUN combines ancient instruments with modern influences to create an enchanting and powerful atmosphere.

The band's performances incorporates with up to three voices chant and employs many different instruments. For example: Celtic harp, nyckelharpa, various lyres, bagpipes, large Japanese taiko drums, cister, Pagan zither, flutes and even Arabic instruments like dombra, rebab, riq, oud, darabukka and bendir.

Influences of Celtic folk, medieval music and Arabic rhythmic tones fusing with driving beats draws an ever fast growing crowd of followers.

The ensemble FAUN was founded in early 2002 in Munich and has performed at more than 450 locations, festivals, concert halls and churches throughout Europe, including: Mèra Luna Festival (Germany), Elf Fantasy Fair (Netherlands), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Fiesta Celtica Biella (Italy),Folkwoods Folkfestival (Netherlands), Arena van Vletingen (Belgium), Locomotive (Paris/France), Savari Karn..Hungary), Palladius/Barcelona (Spain), Estragon (Italy) and many more...

Since March of 08 Faun is performing with the new band member: Sandra Elflein (vocals, violin, hurdy-gurdy, flutes).

In 2004 FAUN started working together with a theatre and stage musician Niel Mitra (Sampler, Workstation and Synthesizer). Since then FAUN mostly performs together with Niel Mitra on amplified stages. Ocassionally when requested, a set of medieval acoustic music (unplugged) is offered.

Til today FAUN has released five longplay CDs: "Zaubersprüche" (Incantations) - 2002 "Licht" (Light) - 2004 "Renaissance" - 2005 "Totem" - 2007 "FAUN & the pagan folk festival - LIVE" - 2008

and two DVD's: "Lichtbilder" (Light pictures) - 2004 (not available anymore) "Ornament" - 2007

In cooperation with distributor Curzweyhl / Rough Trade (Germany) and the Label "NoirRecords" (USA) they have til today sold many thousand CDs worldwide. Their latest CD "TOTEM" hit rank no. 78 in the German (media control) album charts, rank no. 6 in the German alternative charts and rank no. 1 in the German medieval charts.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Faun is a Medieval Folk group from Germany. There music is entrancing, beautiful and definitely medieval. If you desire the darker, mystically side of Celtic music, then we would highly recommend Faun's Renaissance CD. While not their latest offering, it is a journey into the world of Faun which will take you away with their powerful chants, percussion and vocals. This is one of those groups that you will not be satisifed listening to just one of their CDs, but you will have to purchase their entire collection along with their DVD! We highly recommend Faun to our seriously music listeners - 5 Medieval Stars goes to their Renaissance CD.

Update: Faun will be performing in the United States at the http://www.faerieworlds.com~Faerie_Worlds_Festival in Eugene Oregon from August 1st through August 2nd, 2009. Watch the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pod560DDKFw~Events_Video featuring Faun!