Shift3 Wireless Speaker with Audio Transmitter"; border="0" align="left" hspace="10" vspace="5" width="256" height="306">Until recently, Internet Radio was mainly confined to your computer system. But with the advent of wireless technologies becoming main streamed in our computer equipment, we are starting to see some really nice products in the market place that actual work as advertised. How nice it would be to simply hook an audio cable to a small device that would wirelessly transmit anything playing on your computer to a wireless weather resistant base speaker in your backyard. Well the future is now and this product is available for a very reasonable price. With the availability of these products increasing, we are witnessing a downward pricing on all of these wireless gadgets that only a few years ago cost over $500.

Sharper" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">Sharper Image makes a product called "The Shift Wireless Speaker with Audio Transmitter." There are a number of models of this product available with the most expensive version having the greatest distance between the audio transmitter and the">; wireless speaker. Currently you can find the Shift System online through">; and also at a number of bargain outlets such as Home Depot, Kohls or Walmart. Do some checking when your out shopping and you might be able to pick this unit up for about $49.95.

The Shift System absolutely rocks and the sound quality was surprisingly good for the cost. Having been disappointed in the past with the promises and claims from various electronic companies, we were a bit skeptically that it was going to actual work as promised. But we are happy to report that the hardest part of the setup process was removing the styrofoam box guards from the unit. Follow the simple instructions (plug the unit into the wall and the audio cable to your computer) and you are good to go! Wonderful Internet Radio streaming through the air to your backyard, deck, pool and even within distance of your neighbors (Impress them with your taste of unique music - did someone say bagpipes?).

The beauty of a wireless speaker system is that it works with any audio application on your computer. That means iTunes, Windows Media, Zune, Real Audio, Rhapsody or any other music application will be streamed to your wireless base speaker in your home, garage or yard. Another great feature is the speaker pivots, so you can direct the sound to one part of your yard. Pivot the speaker to its default location and a handle is included for easy carrying. We give Sharper Image's Shift Wireless Speaker system a thumbs up for our Celtic Radio members. For an alternative more robust system, check out the Cables Unlimited system from">; Now go wireless!