Paul Vens is a new age musician from Holland who has been kind of enough to provide to Celtic Radio a number of his beautiful and relaxing musical journeys through his CDs. In honor of Father's Day this year we focus on his most recent submission to Celtic Radio - 'The Son to the Father.' But first, let's find out a little bit about Paul Vens - from his website,

"In his early years as a child, Paul discovered the magic of nature and started looking for ways to express these experiences. When he was ten years old, he played his first chords on a self-made wooden guitar. Later painting and writing also became ways of expressing his experiences. Between 1980/1990 he made his first three LP’s and in 1991 record company Oreade/Warner offered him a contract. His music could then be released all over the world. He made three albums in these years: “Promise”, “Aquarius” and “Son to the Father”. These albums have mainly very open, clear, instrumental work. Very special is the way he creates silence between the notes.

The longing for pure freedom of creativity finally pushed him in the direction of his own independent music label. Now, already six albums have been released through this label, as well as a couple of booklets and prints of his paintings. You could characterize Paul’s music as fine, light and peaceful. Love for life, for nature are important ingredients of his songs. At the end of the last century Paul discovers the Tibetan Singing Bowls through a friendship with an old priest. The Tibetan Singing Bowls have thereafter played an important role in his musical journey, they have become part of his music and concerts. Recently his album “Playing in the Fields” has been released, a musical report of a the Live Concerts. In Holland and Belgium Paul writes articles for New Age Magazines about the Tibetian Singing Bowls, Music and Nature. Paul Vens & Friends play their music for Dutch, USA, Brazilian Radio Stations and they have concerts in France, Germany, Begium and Holland."

Celtic Radio Comments:
Paul Vens music is definitely something special that has caught the ear of Celtic Radio. We are not known as a New Age music site; however, we do occasionally play some New Age music that meets our high standards of excellence and crosses over between different genres. Paul's mix of music, acoustic melodies, and nature sounds of the forest combine for a treat and remembrance of those Father Son years gone by and those years yet to come. Bicyle Ride, Playing in the Fields, Father I must go into the World, Wonderful Silence and Father & Son are some of our favorite tracks. Just listening to the music paints the picture of a Father and Son engaged in the peaceful activities of passing ones very life on to the one person who will carry on all that you love and treasure in this world. Whether it is hiking through the alpine mountains, engaged in father son conversation or acknowledging each other's milestones. Paul Vens says it perfectly, "we shouldn't create distance, because we originate from them."

"The Son to the Father" is a unique album that you can listen to and reflect on the importance of your Father Son relationship - whether spirtual or physical. We give 5 Father-Son Stars for a true masterpiece of musical work on this very fitting day - Father's Day! Listen and watch for Paul Ven's tracks on both Highlander Radio and Celtic Moon - or better yet, purchase this or another of Paul's CD directly from his website below!