Massachusetts - Cape Cod duo Stanley and Grimm (Nikki Engstrom fiddle and Sean Brennan guitar/vocals) will be performing with friends to celebrate their award winning CD Another Round from Celtic Radio. The Celebration will take place Sunday May 17th, 2009 at Liam McGuires , 273 Main Street, Falmouth at 3:00 P.M. Stanley and Grimm will be joined by the Sonnay Fiddlers (recently back from Ireland) and Susan Lindsay (guest artist on the award winning CD). Concert is Free. Hope to see you there!

Pictured is the official music award package that Stanley and Grimm will receive this week from Celtic Radio, just in time for their award celebration concert. The first gold engraved Celtic Radio Music Award (bottom left) will become our yearly presentation for the recipient of this prestigious award. Mounted on a black embossed plate and attached to a beautiful oak wooden base, this will be the first of many awards we present in recognition of the Celtic Radio Album of the Year.

Stanley and Grimm will also receive a framed award certificate, a personalized letter from Celtic Radio and a Celtic Radio bumper sticker to honor their work on their 2008 album - "Another Round" (pictured). All members and listeners of Celtic Radio can take pride in the fact that through our website and music channels, that we are making a difference in helping to promote Celtic Music through this award program. By bringing musicians, listeners and members together, we can truly make a difference through our unique social networking site called 'Celtic Radio.'

Through the Celtic Radio Music award program, our goal is to promote and recognize exceptional artists who display high standards of excellence and who have made significant contributions to Celtic Music throughout the world. Nominations for this award are made throughout the year by listeners and members of Celtic Radio. After a careful screening process, which is based upon listener nominations, ratings, requests, and other radio statistics, we select the award recipients of each category.

Voting begins on January 1st of each year and ends on March 17th (St. Patrickís Day). Winners receive recognition of this prestigious award through the induction into the and permission to use the Celtic Radio Music Award banner on their website.

Celtic Radio Review:
"Guitarist & Singer Sean Brennan, and Fiddler Nikki Engstrom, have created something very special with their latest CD "Another Round." This New England duo plays a mix of old and new tunes that is a delight to the ears and addicting to the feet (especial those that dance). We at Celtic Radio carefully listened to each and every track on this CD and we have come to the conclusion that perfection has been made! Every musical measure is a beautiful display of just how much these folks love to play.

Some of our favorite tracks include Pachabel's Frolics - a fast, toe tapping journey into fiddle and guitar euphoria mixed every so often with a few slower classical measures - just exhilarating! Fiddler's Green is sung by Sean's strong and warm vocals showing that this group is not just about Jigs & Reels, but has the depth and talent to shine with many different types of Celtic music.

Mike Ryan's Lament, one of our favorites, is a post Civil War song about the legendary 7th Calvary and Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Sean brings this song to life about the tragic tale of two brothers who left Ireland for the idea of America, only to meet their end at Vicksburg and Little Big Horn. A song only made possible by the emotional stirring of Nikki's fiddle and Sean's vocals - clearly both playing off each otherís talent making for a wonderful rendition of this ageless song.

So, as you may see - we loved Stanley & Grimm's "Another Round" and would highly recommend this CD to add to your Celtic music collection. The CD has a depth of songs and promises to entertain every type of listener with a mix of Celtic music. 5 Golden Celtic Radio stars for "Another Round." Just perfectly splendid!"