A range of spiritual cultures has already inspired the group of singers and musicians of Sarva-Antah. They've performed ancient Tibetan mantras, mantras and chants from the Hindu tradition as well as shamanic Native American songs. On this album they are to explore prayers and blessings of the Celts. The music often evolved from ceremonies, gatherings and workshops where songs were favoured. Chant along for comfort and healing, for mediation and relaxation. Or just for joy!

Singing in repetitive form is as old as the existence of mankind. Nowadays we call this form a mantra. Mantric singing is easy to do. In a short time, the rather rigid brain processes clear and open up so you can let yourself go with the flow. This album can be used for group singing with only a short practice time required. The basic melodies are easy to follow and can be used for ceremonies and many types of gathering.

Honouring our ancestors for their wisdom and their spiritual power is the prime source of the songs on this album. A lot of the blessings are intended for peace or protection. But they can just as well facilitate unity and friendship. In the texts we can read the emerging of Christian religious beliefs as well as an older earth spirituality. Many of the song lyrics are taken from longer prayers and blessings. These were inspiring to read but not to easily adapted to music. Therefore Sarva-Antah decided to take the shorter poetic passages and provide them with melody.

Singers: Aleid, Anneke, Annelies, Axel, Carola, Connie, Dick, Dmitri, Ed, Erica, Fora, Geert, Henk, Ineke, Irma, Kiki, Lia, Linda, Lonneke, Lydia, Marguerite, Maureen, Nick, Patricia, Paul, Paulus, Suzanne, Tamara, Trix, Trui and the children from the Parcival School, Amstelveen.

Musicians: Geert Sluyter, percussion - Peter Rechsteiner, bodhran and guitars - Robert Koomen, bass guitar - Fred Kosters, keyboards and guitar - Evertjan 't Hart, low whistle and uileann pipes - Onno Kuipers, accordion - Walter Kuipers, fiddle.