Musical performances are the sum of the experiences -- on and off the stage -- performers carry with them into the hall.

John and Steve met on a recording session several years ago and since then, they have crafted a half dozen CDs of their own. They have delighted audiences of every imaginable kind with their songs and instrumentals drawn from the inexhaustible wellsprings of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and North America.

The music is infectious, ranging from the breathless jigs, reels and hornpipes, through the more relaxed popular songs, all the way along to the ballads and airs. They have performed on network television and have been favorably received locally and nationally by the media.

Steve Colby's first love is the banjo (tenor and five string), followed closely by guitar, mandolin and Irish bouzouki. Raised in Columbus, Steve's musical style evolved from the great American folk revival of the 1950's and 60's, later embracing the British Isles and beyond.

John Good, brought up with the singing of South Wales coal miners ringing in his ears, has carried his music -- whistles, flutes and Welsh bagpipes -- to the transatlantic stage. Never far from his Celtic culture and language, John's songs and tunes have broadened with time and geography.

Oceans Apart, as the name suggests, combines the traditional music from the British Isles and America. The music is taken from the oral Celtic tradition common to Ireland, Scotland and Wales; a tradition -- passed down from father to son for countless generations --that was carried with, and survived the Atlantic crossing of the hungry, disadvantaged and merely adventurous emigres of previous centuries, as, below decks, they danced and played their way to the new world.

The instruments are likewise the traditional penny whistles, bagpipes and flute that you would expect, along with mandolins, guitars and banjos picked up along the way. The dances -- jigs, reels and hornpipes -- are likewise embedded in the old-world culture that has flourished on these shinning shores!

Celtic Radio Comments:
An excellent Christmas CD full of musical talent and raw emotions to render a shared experience of Christmas from long ago. Beautifully favorite Christmas selections, along with the masterful and heart warming "A Child's Christmas in Wales" makes this CD an unforgettable new tradition to your Christmas collection! 5 Celtic Christmas Stars awarded from Celtic Radio for this wonderful CD that is sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit!