Sonic Impulse is an intense and explosive fusion of various musical influences centered around the highland bagpipes. Hard hitting techno and hip-hop beats meet lush, ethereal soundscapes and driving dance rhythms to support innovative bagpipe melodies. The project, the brain child of Los Angeles musician Blake Pullen, draws from his varied experience as a piper, composer, singer, and instrumentalist. Although the bagpipes are well known, they are seldom used in conjunction with other instruments and musical styles. Sonic Impulse combines the timbre of this ancient instrument with the new and modern vibes of hip hop, electronica, rock, jazz, techno, and various other world genres, resulting in a unique tapestry of audio textures. At a Sonic Impulse concert, the listener can expect to experience a bombardment of the senses. A laser/light show, the Sonic Impulse dancers, and the trance like state of the audience will envelope the listener as they experience the complete sensory escape that is Sonic Impulse. The debut album, "Pipe Dreams" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Amiestreet, and many other online retailers.

Celtic Radio Comments:
It's great to see a new group take the pipes and melt them with fusion, rock, techno and other world genres to produce a sound that is unique, exciting and fresh. It is therefore our pleasure to introduce you to the world of Sonic Impulse - a brand new group from LA that is sure to be a hit. Powerful is the best way to describe their style of music which is centered on the instrument that we all love to hear - the Pipes! Their deput album "Pipe Dreams" contains 14 tracks of pure Piping heaven - a defintely well earned 5 star rating from Celtic Radio!