When Celtic music combines with the energy of 5 individuals whose passion and fire ignite a presence that inspires a dance, you will find Hunting McLeod. These 5 gentlemen each bring a unique sound to the stage where the obvious dedication to music is ever-present. Splicing through the stereotypical Celtic sound, this group displays an amazing ability to put energy into its performance with an unsurpassable amount of fun-lovingness and truly capture the spirit of music in its rudimentary form. Music that inspires motion that brings smiles; music that consistently aches to be heard over and over again.

Fiddles and Bagpipes represent a known sound to Celtic music. Add in electric guitar, bass and drums and you hear a blending of rock music that obviously impacted each members past. Energetic and charismatic, these Celtic Rockers know how to please an audience. While you clap your hands and tap your feet to the sounds of this amazing music, recognizable traditional classics are sung along to by audience members. Hunting McLeod has established itself as a group that can play, entertain and create their own music. Many of their songs are originals and the talent combination of all these gentlemen makes for a sound that is captivating and beautiful.

To hear Hunting McLeod is to experience them. Each artist plays with such poignant desire and the synonymous vibe that reaches the audience to take it all in is powerful. This revolutionary style of musical art enables the listener to search within themselves for their own Celtic spirit, and find it ye shall!

Celtic Radio Comments:
Hunting McLeod is one of those Celtic rock groups that you instantly love to hear each and every track over and over again. They've got a fresh and hard rocking sound that is different, yet so addicting that you will keep you coming back for more. Mixing traditional and powerhouse rock, this CD is sure to delight any devoted Celtic Rock fan! 5 Gold Celtic Radio Stars from these 5 boys from Canada!