This band of misfits don't have much of a story if you ask them but here 'tis: Young Gavin McLoud had the idea to form a band with some of the best musicians in all of didn't quite work out that way. So instead he asked the help of his friend Ronnie McDonald, a local music teacher and the nicest of people. The fellas then found a drummer when Gavin's schoolyard chum, Gabby Byrne, was released from prison, having been mistaken for an IRA soldier. Next came the search for the perfect frontman. Gavin looked and looked and finally had no other choice then to ask his half brother Francis "Franky" McNorman. A failed soccer player, Franky doesn't like his brother and doesn't like to sing, but not having any other football teams in Ireland to get kicked off of Franky reluctantly joined. While touring through the Dingle Peninsula after about a year together, they picked up a hitchhiking rabbinical student named Paddy McRib. Convinced that a life dedicated to music and making people happy would be more pleasin' to the Lord, young Paddy traded his yalmulka and tallit set for a used accordion and never looked back. The final pieces were added when Franky heard the voice of an angel during Mass one fateful Sunday, and the lovely Ryan O'Neill was brought on board. Finally, the band's biggest fan, Darby, an orphan boy who couldn't even afford a last name, filled a void at bass, and hopes his real parents will one day come to a gig.

After conquering their native country, the greatest show band in Ireland set sail for the States, landing in the pinnacle of Irish punk rock, Molly Malone's in Los Angeles. The birthplace of Flogging Molly gave The Mighty Regis a prime St. Patrick's Day 2007 spot and a Thursday night residency, all within the band's first year of existence.