This article was reproduced with permission from Clanadonia through are leading exponents of traditional Celtic folk with an emphasis on tribal percussion. Although the band’s musical roots have been passed down from their ancestors, this Glaswegian five piece have been cited as something more than ‘just another Scottish pipes and drums band’.

Once their thunderous percussion kicks in, traditional works are given a dynamic new edge with pipes being underpinned by resounding thunderous rhythms. As well as delivering a fresh take on traditional tunes, Clanadonia also boast their own anthemic compositions, tribal rhythms flavoured with occasional vocals which are both rich and enchanting.

Fronted by vocalist and drummer Tu-Bardh Wilson, an old friend of the team here at Bristol Rocks, Clanadonia’s 10 track eponymously titled album is mostly instrumental with the odd vocal track punctuating the track listing for good measure.

Capturing the fun and vibrancy of Scotland’s heritage, Clanadonia have taken their ‘celtic experience’ to many corners of the globe as part of cultural exchanges, trips that have so far, taken them as far a field as Singapore.

Clanadonia’s music would, no doubt, sound breathtaking experienced in a 'communal' situation. I seriously recommend you check out their video footage on YouTube to understand what I mean. The band’s rousing live footage has been shot whilst busking in what looks like Edinburgh's Royal Mile (forgive me if I’ve got the location wrong guys), and the result is truly compelling. The troop’s pounding rhythms and rousing chants connect with an audience in a way that even the most interactive of bands would struggle to compete with. Watching their rousing live performance of ‘Hamsterheid’ on the constricted confines of my computer screen simply made me want to be there amongst the crowd, savouring the Caledonian chill and smelling the sweet fragrance of heather.

Celtic Radio Comments:
"Clanadonia are a Tribal Pipes and Drums band, steeped in the Pictish/Celtic traditions of Scotland." Their debut CD - Clanadonia is as breathtaking and exhilarating as the Pipes and Drums of Scotland. Only this is Tribal Pipes and Drums and there is a clear difference between this music and traditional Pipe and Drum music. The beat is sometimes fast and addicting - you just might find yourself playing a little air drums and moving to the tempo such as "The Wild Dance" or "Tu-Bardh." Other times the sweeping beauty of Scotland can be heard in the stunning and awe-inspiring track "Tyler's Lament." If you love the enchanting sound of the Pipes, the infectious majesty of tribal Drums and an all around wonderful group of musicians from Scotland, then you are sure to love Clanadonia and their debut album that is sweeping across Scotland and Europe. Celtic Radio is honored and proud to play the music of Clanadonia on our broadcast and we would highly recommend this CD to all of our listeners and members. 5 Golden Celtic Radio Stars to the boys that are "Keeping it Tribal" with some of the best Celtic music we have heard all year!