The Blessed Blend composes and performs music, blending Native American and Celtic Sounds, creating a harmony of tribal music from these ancient and still-thriving indigenous cultures. They lift up their voices to The Creator honoring and thanking Him, as a form of worship through song. Celebrating and embracing cultural “blendedness”, they encourage overcoming prejudice with Love provided by our Maker.

"Blessed Blend is Native American and Celtic Music. In centuries past, native people of Turtle Island (America) and the newly immigrated Irish and Scots, came the realization that there were many shared tribal commonalities between themselves and the people of Native American tribes. From the past through today, we share a deep love for drums, flutes, dance, language, music and culture. This is why it is so common to find many people today in the United States with the blended heritage of Native and Celtic bloodlines. During the 17th century, the term “blessed blend” was coined by the Scots to describe the marriage union between a Native American and a person of Celtic heritage. The same name, “blessed blend” was used to describe children who were born of these unions."

Joseph RiverWind is the Chief of the Turabo Taino Indian Nation's Jaguar Clan. His great grandfather’s family was from Galicia (“Land of the Gaelic People”). He has been performing since he was 4 years old when his father gave him his first flute. He grew up in a musical family playing the flute, singing, dancing, and storytelling. Joseph is a vocalist and plays various First Nations drums and flutes, bagpipes, tin whistle, and bodhran.

Laralyn RiverWind is descended from Muscogee Creek/Cherokee/Choctaw/Irish/Scottish families. Her Native blood comes through her father’s line and mother’s family is a union between Celtic Nations – Clan Liston of County Roscommon in Ireland and Clan McDonald of Scotland. Laralyn is a vocalist, songwriter, and artist. She enjoys playing the Celtic harp, native drum, bodhran, and Native flute.

The RiverWinds enjoy sharing their cultures with others through education presentations they have developed. Both Joseph and Laralyn have bachelor’s degrees. Experienced in speaking to varied groups in all walks of life and of all age, from lively kindergarteners through renowned universities to nursing home elders, their programs are tailored to be educational, historically accurate, inspirational and entertaining to their audience.

Bringing items unique to their cultures, such as stickball sticks, war clubs, jewelry, and traditional clothing for a tactile and visual experience that creates lasting memories, they enjoy sharing the culture and history of the Native American peoples from the perspective of First Nations people.

Despite the atrocities in this nation’s history with Natives, their program brings a positive outlook and a peace-promoting attitude.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Blessed Blend's CD "Journeys through the Mist" is a mystical and magical CD of beautiful vocals, flutes and blended American Native and Celtic sounds that will touch your musical soul. In a stream of never ending Celtic traditional music, it is so refreshing to hear creative and original compositions of Native American music blended with Celtic music. Joseph and Laralyn RiverWind have done a wonderful job promoting their unique sounds with storytelling and education - and with the purpose of honoring and thanking the creator through this thriving culture. Definitely try to catch them at one of the Highland Games or Native American Events. 5 Gold Celtic Radio Stars for the RiverWinds and their Blessed Blend - Journeys through the Mist!