On August 4, 2007 at a special dinner reception after the Dublin Irish Festival - Deirdre Shannon was presented with a glass star award in tribute for her Celtic Radio Music Award for the song ‘The Prayer’ in our Roots Traditional award category.

This beautiful glass award was presented by Jenny and Brian Fedei on behalf of the Deirdre Shannon Fan Club. Deirdre was delighted to receive this award, as was Jenny and Brian honored to present it. A special message was read to Deirdre on behalf of all of the members of Celtic Radio that made this award possible:

We are writing to officially notify you that Deirdre Shannon has won a Celtic Radio Music Award for ‘The Prayer’ in our Roots Traditional award category…

…This year there were a total of 1,755 votes cast across all categories. This is our highest number of community votes received to date! We were very pleased to learn that when the voting ended on March 17, 2007 (St. Patrick’s Day) Deirdre Shannon’s ‘The Prayer’ captured 46% of the voting and earned her the title of “Best of Roots Traditional” on all of Celtic Radio! Having been performed nearly 5,000 times on our awarding winning broadcast – Highlander Radio – ‘The Prayer’ is one of the most popular songs on our website.

Please extend to Deirdre Shannon our personally congratulations and the well wishes of the hundreds of members that voted for her song ‘The Prayer” during the Celtic Radio Music Awards! Deirdre has an unbelievable crystal clear voice that just shines through with emotion and clarity. Everything about her debut album is so fresh and inspiring – we have just falling in love with it!

On top of Deirdre’s excellent musical abilities, we have found her to be truly a terrific and awesome person to deal with – certainly worthy of the spirit of the Celtic Radio Music Award in the hearts and well wishes of our listeners.

Again, our congratulations to Deirdre and our hopes, that through this award program, we can continue to honor and acknowledge dedicated and inspiring musicians such as Deirdre Shannon.

Many thanks to Jenny and Brian for organizing this award ceremony and for purchasing and presenting this Celtic Radio Music Award to Deirdre. Please be sure to check out the http://www.deirdreshannon.net~Deirdre_Shannon Fan Club website. Because of Jenny’s and Brian’s inspiration, we at Celtic Radio are seriously considering presenting these glass star awards to all future winners of the Celtic Radio Music Award.

For those not familiar, the Celtic Radio http://www.celticradio.net/php/celtic_radio_awards.php~Music_Award is a program sponsored by CelticRadio.net to acknowledge and promote exceptional Celtic music across 5 categories of music. Nominations for this award are made throughout the year by listeners and members of CelticRadio.net. After a careful screening process, which is based upon listener nominations, ratings, requests, and other radio statistics; we select 3 songs in 5 categories for community voting. Categories for an award are Celtic Rock, Traditional, Jigs & Reels, Roots Traditional and Bagpipes. We also select one album as the Celtic Radio Album of the year!

Voting begins on January 1, 2008, so be sure to get your http://www.celticradio.net/php/service_mod.php?type=contact~nominations in to us before this date!