Allison Barber brings a purity of voice and an earthy soulfulness to traditional Irish music. With a “sean-nós style beyond her years” (Irish America Magazine) and a talent that touches hearts and souls, this fresh singer/songwriter captures her audiences’ attention from the first note.

Allison lives in New York, in high demand as a singer in the traditional scene. Allison has had the privilege of performing and recording with a variety of renowned musicians and groups, most recently lending her voice to Jameson's Revenge as well as Tony DeMarco and The Atlantic Wave.

Born in Boston, Allison grew up amid the sounds of Irish music from a young age. She began performing at age 13, starting her vocal and piano training in classical music at the Boston Conservatory. After completing her undergraduate degree in acting and music at Ithaca College in New York, Allison moved to Edinburgh where she traveled extensively throughout Scotland and Ireland to reconnect with the traditional, folk and sean-nós styles of singing. She honed her skill and style by performing everywhere from street corners to various local pubs. Allison returned to New York, where she began studying Irish Gaelic at the NYU Glucksman Ireland House. She has been performing in the Irish traditional circuit there ever since.

Allison recently released her debut album, “Traveling Home”, with Yonas Media. This traditional album combines Allison’s haunting vocals with the energetic sounds of dynamic traditional musicians Tony DeMarco, Darren Maloney, Martin McCormack, and Isaac Alderson to name a few. The CD also features original songs by Allison. Pulling from her own experiences while traveling, Allison’s innovative and down-to-earth writing echoes with a sense of truthfulness her audiences can relate to. Having been highly influenced by traditional artists Karan Casey, Mary Black, Karen Matheson and Cathie Ryan, Allison creates a unique style of her own where traditional Irish meets American folk.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Every once in a while a CD comes along that not only redefines what Celtic music should be, but which leads people to truly fall in love with the artistic melodies and vocals of the musician. Allison Barber's debut CD "Traveling Home" displays the maturity and refinement of a musician releasing perhaps their 3rd or 4th album! Every haunting vocal and uplifting melody is like a gush of fresh air coming off the late summer ocean breeze. Sweeping across the hillsides and the glens, Allison's musical journey of original compositions, Gaelic vocals and tender whispers will have you falling in love with this Angels beautiful music from the very first note you hear. We highly recommend Allison's debute album to all of our listeners and you can be sure that you will be hearing about her music in this year's Celtic Radio Music Awards! 5 Golden Celtic Radio Stars for Allison's masterful debut album!