Leading a new generation of Irish folk bands with their unique blend of popular and Celtic influences. Wanderluste's distinct sound flows throughout their debut album Sink or Swim.

Core band members Emmanuel, Paddy and Louise are no strangers to the spotlight and have no reticence when it comes to showcasing their exceptional combined musical prowess. As a band and individually they have performed at a wide variety of high profile venues, sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists including Bagatelle, Tom Fleming, Gin's Aloud and Bodyrockers. Their energetic live performancees and individualistic musical styles come together in a unique blend that both hardened folk fans and mainstream audiences love.

Their newly released album, entitled Sink or Swim, was recorded over a 10-month period at the Dublin home studio of the band Kila. This album was commercially guided by Thomas Black from RTE's You're A Star, produced by Larry Hogan and Lance Hogan from Kila and co-produced by the band themselves.

Wanderlust's unique sound has been described as a strong fusion of traditional Irish music and popular Celtic rock. For this band live performance is a key element and they have translated the nautical visual style of the album Sink or Swim into a rich theatrical audio/visual experience on stage.

Wanderluste's wide and eclectic musical influences means their sound is very fresh and therefore hard to categorize but recent comparisons suggest a heady musical mixture of Celtic folk-punks The Pogues and New York's finest The Scissor Sisters!

Wanderluste officially launched their debut album Sink or Swim at The Empire Music Hall in June 2007. The band specially invites you to come along to experience a totally outrageous evening of spectacular showmanship, musical grandeur and sheer opulence but most of all to have fun!

Celtic Radio Comments:
Wanderluste is a new and fresh musical group featuring a strong fusion of traditional Irish music and Celtic Rock. Their debut album - Sink or Swim contains a great mix of tracks. Energetic, lively and Exceptional earns this debute album 5 Golden Celtic Radio Stars!