Dear Friends,

July 15th is quickly approaching and the end of Internet Radio as we know it will happen on this date unless Congress and the Senate act now.

Our "Day of Reckoning" (July 15th) is the date the new rates will retro-actively take effect and thousands of Internet Radio websites and streams could close forever. Beyond the rates, thousands of webcasters like myself could be responsible for bills ranging from $20,000 to as much as a $130,000 dollars.

Fortunately for Celtic Radio, is legally responsible for our fees. However, hundreds of webcasters chose different plans that will put their house, savings and retirement in jeopardy. These are individuals, like myself, and are not associated with a big corporation, label or organization. We are individuals that are passionate about providing alternative listening options and promoting music genres that are not mainstream in America.

Yet our vision for the will be trampled beneath the footsteps of billion dollar corporations who want to control all music in America. While, Yahoo, Pandora and other medium to large corporations have the ability to cut deals with the RIAA and Soundexchange to continue their operations, the individual webcasters yields no such power.

But we do have something that is more powerful, more revered than any money or power can buy - - we have our voices! And as long as freedom is allowed in this country to express our opinions we shall do so; until the last plug is pulled and IP address is blocked.

For everyone that has enjoyed our streams of Celtic music, our website, our friendly and caring community - please help us make our voices heard by phoning your congressperson and senator. Please tell them to support The Internet Radio Equality Act because without congresses intervention, the individual webcasters voice will be silenced forever.

Our ancestors didn't come to this country, fight for freedom across generations of wars and build an America that has been the shining light of the World - only to succumb to the dismantling of our individuals freedoms by denying our digital right to broadcast and to be heard.

Please help us send a message loud and clear, that our "Day of Reckoning" arrives on July 15th, 2007 and that this will mark the day that we begin to take back from the corporations everything that our ancestors fought so hard to create and maintain. It does not belong to the attorneys, nor the corporate boardrooms, nor the million dollar consultants - it belongs to US - the American people and we demand that our voices be heard and a reasonable and responsible resolution is made.

Visit and make a telephone call to your congressperson and senator. Tell them to pass The Internet Radio Equality Act to save the individual and small webcaster. Tell them to listen to the 500,000 + people that have contacted them over these past months and not to the lobbyists that are trying to stop our voices from being heard. Tell them to do it for America and the freedom loving people that makes us still the Shining Light of the World.

I thank each and every person that has helped with this cause and I certainly and humbly hope to continue Celtic Radio for years to come - with your gracious support and good will. I Thank You all very so much!

Paul MacArthur
Highlander Radio