Nothing symbolizes the true greatness, warmth, and friendliness of easterners better than a good ol' kitchen-party with Bottoms Up! Immediately you feel you are in the presence of good, long-time friends.

Prior to the bands formation in 1984, vocalist Roy Way and vocalist/guitarist David Theriault entertained the Fredericton area with, Newfie and Irish tunes as the duo "Double Trouble". Avid musician Bob Slaunwhite, vocalist / guitarist / mandolin player, was introduced to David through mutual employment and was soon asked to join the duo. He promptly introduced Roy and David to long-time friend Stuart Doucette, vocalist / percussionist / bass / harmonica player, and voilà Bottoms Up was born.

A native of Cape Breton, music is an integral part of Royís life. Family, friends, and neighbours were often up for a jam session at the Way home. Harry Hibbs, Dick Nowlan, John Allen Cameron, and are artists Roy considers influential in the development of his own style. Audiences quickly recognise Royís love of a good time and before you know it, the entire place is having a ball.

Surrounded by a musical family, whose talent and love for music is well known around his home town of Rexton, New Brunswick, Davidís love of music has always been and still is a big part of his life. Playing at many family gatherings and jams with uncles, cousins and friends, honed Davidís performing skills, and it shows when he brings the kitchen party to the stage. Playing guitar and singing lead/harmony vocals over the years in several local bands and community events has made the stage a comfortable place for David to be.

Born in Halifax,, Bobís family moved to Oromocto, New Brunswick when he was eleven. His introduction to music came at an early age due to the fact his father needed guitar accompaniment for the old Hank Snow songs he loved to sing. Before long, Bob and his brothers were figuring out vocal harmonies and making great sounding music. Twenty plus years with Bottoms Up has turned him from a shy person, into someone who loves to perform and have fun.

Stuart was also raised in Oromocto where he dedicated much of his time to learning percussion instruments. Purchasing his first guitar paved the way to learning a variety of instruments including bass guitar. Having played rock Ďní roll music with Bob for years, co-founding Bottoms Up provided an opportunity to play traditional Maritime music on a regular basis. Music comes naturally to Stuart. He loves the lively atmosphere playing creates and the enjoyment it brings.

Bottoms Up has seen many talented musicians come and go. At one time, they were a seven-piece band complete with a saxophone player! In 2004, the band was introduced to fiddle player Erin Smith. They were delighted when she was able to join them. Well known in music circles of southern New Brunswick, the talent and passion for traditional music that she brought to the group was just what they felt they needed to complete their sound. Her energy on stage is contagious. Watching her play, you immediately recognize how much she enjoys playing music.

Bottoms Up has performed with many well-known entertainers including,, and The band recently recorded their first live album, which was released early in 2006. Watch for them on the East Coast Music scene as they continue to entertain young and old alike, creating a kitchen party atmosphere wherever they play.


'Bottoms Up' is a highly energetic Celtic Maritime band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Listening to their music is like falling in love with Celtic Music all over again. Beautiful and rugged vocals tell their story from the Great Canadian Maritime North. This is a band that will have you kickin up your shoes to a dance or singing along with a pint in the pub. There is no question, 5 star music from a 5 star band - uncommon that they sound so damn good live, you would think you were there rockin in the audience! Bottoms Up Live is an album that would make a great companion on a road trip, for a party or while cleaning the house. Personally, I would recommend listening with a few friends and some to go along with their infectious songs and melodies. This one is going to be a favorite of ours for a long time.

You are in for a sure treat with this baby. Go ahead and visit their site and pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed! Oh, and did we mention they were nominated for a 2007! Yeah - good stuff! :)