Triflemore is the solo project of Columbia, Missouri based independent artist, Susan Rhea. Recording her own layered vocals & back room piano experiments, she self-produced her first album, Come by the Hills and released it in January 2006. This humble little record includes eight Celtic-influenced, spiritual folk songs that were originally knotted together for the purpose of creating a solid demo recording. After receiving much positive feedback, she decided to go ahead and release it in January of 2006.

At its foundation, her project is about the pathway to a great hope for the future...acknowledging where true hope lies, but also eagerly asking, "How long, Your silence?" Folk music with urgency...

From Celtic Radio:
Susan Rhea’s self-produced album – “Come by the Hills” contains a refreshing mix of spiritual tracks that will have you swaying and singing along to her strong and beautiful voice. Like the autumn breeze, you will be swept away to her world of falling leaves and memorizing melodies as she gently introduces you to each and every one of her songs.

Come by the Hills is really one of the best new interpretations of this song that we have heard in years. With certain creative ingenious, Susan has mixed and breathed new life to a very old song! There is no reason why you should not hear this on Top 40 radio – in our opinion! Susan sings with such emotion and clarity that you will be swept away with her powerful track – An Fhuinneog. She continues with “Forgiven” – a beautiful mix of Alleluias and the upbeat song – Wideness – which moves along to such a pleasant and welcoming beat. These were our favorite tracks, but it was really hard not to chose them all!

Celtic Radio highly recommends “Come by the Hills” to add to your music collection. We are certain that we will be hearing more from Susan and look forward to her next album!