Cecile was born in Brittany, at the very end of western Europe, where she discovered and learned to play the celtic harp. After having studied History of art and Archeology in the Louvre, she spent in time in the Celtic band, Tornaod. Then she started a solo career, playing Celtic harp and singing, creating her own repertory of Ecelectic Celtic Music! Now, she lives in Paris and performs in France and abroad.

Cecile is attached to the passing on of knowledge and to encounters: She teaches the Celtic harp, giving private lessons or organizing workshops in Paris and also in Clermont Ferrand. She has been invited twice by the American Harp Society in Louisiana, where she has organized several master classes and concerts.

In 2005 Cecile was noticed during her concerts and had the opportunity to be programmed and recorded with the Scottish singer Helen Flaherty and the Irish band Lunasa, at the Espace Prevert in Savigny le Temple.

CelticRadio.net Comments: A beautiful and powerful album from an artist that we are sure you will be hearing more about in the future!