Charlie Zahm is out with his new CD for 2005 – “Among the Heather” and all we can say is that Charlie keeps getting better and better with each CD he releases! This splendid collection of inspirational and moving songs showcases Charlie’s rich and flowing voice. The background and accompany instruments are just beautifully mixed, such as “Sweet Thames Flow Softly.” – We were so impressed with the quality and arrangement of this piece, with the bells and trumpets highlighting Charlie’s extraordinary vocal talents!

There is one important quality to Celtic music, or in fact, any serious music genre – and that is the ability to tell a story through the music, sounds and words of a song. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Charlie is so successful. Take for example his “hand clapping” rendition of “Whoop Jamboree.” Charlie brings the piece alive with his rich voice. It just would not be the same song without the life and feeling that Charlie breaths into this sailorman’s song.

“Among the Heather” will certainly rank as a favorite “must have” CD for any serious Celtic music collector. In a day when the airwaves seem drowned with songs that speak to the evils of the world, Charlie’s “Among the Heather” is a like a gust of summertime breezes. It flows around you and makes you feel good about yourself and this world we live in. In fact, as I listen to the first track called “Among the Heather” I am suddenly swept up in the melody, picturing country side roads and green hills of grass!

For those that are not familiar with Charlie, then you need to see for yourself a man that has pretty much become a staple at any Highland Game event on the East Coast. His opening ceremony “Star Spangled Banner” gives a rousing start to the day and his voice can be heard echoing throughout the fairgrounds in the late afternoons.

You can read more about Charlie Zahm and request his music on Highlander Radio by visiting our featured artist section:

If you like what you hear, then visiting Charlie’s recently updated website to purchase his CDs:

Charlie was kind enough to supply with a CD to play on our award winning broadcast “Highlander Radio”, but he also included 3 extra CDs to giveaway to our Celtic Radio friends! In August 2005 we shall raffle these CDs away to 3 lucky members!

To qualify for our monthly CD giveaway, you will need to sign-up for a member account and post atleast 1 message in our Community Forums. We will announce the winners on September 1st in our community forum news section. Good Luck!