Bright and uplifting Christmas melodies to celebrate the festivities with an extra touch of Celtic music.

Itís that magical time of the year again! Christmas is all about having a wonderful time with friends, family and loved ones. It is about enjoying a delicious meal and revel into the warmth of the holidays (well, in spirit if not in terms of climate!) and more importantly, it is a season for amazing Christmas music! Many artists are taking to the Internet to release exciting Christmas releases, providing the perfect soundtracks for this wonderful time of the year.

Recently, Celtic Woman set out to release a brand new holiday album that is titled The Magic of Christmas. This album is quite lush and beautifully atmospheric, and it definitely does capture exactly what its title implies! Christmas is indeed a magical time and there is something particularly suitable about Celtic music, making it a perfect fit for the holidays. Celtic Woman offers a passionate and spontaneous performance, channeling the ancestral emotion of the genre, while also perfectly portraying the joyfulness of the holiday season.

We really enjoyed the composition of the album, and the production sets the bar higher. The songs are in fact clean, modern and pristine. However, it has a warm, authentic sound with a slight retro twist, adding a tasteful flavor to the mix. More importantly, Celtic Womanís passion and genuine connection with this wonderful new release of music is completely undeniable. They have created a timeless piece of Christmas melodies that you are going to want to feature in your holiday playlists for many years to come.

Celtic Woman are rightfully acclaimed artists who enjoy a strong reputation in the music scene, not only as an astonishing live act, but also as recording artists with a clean and appealing sound. The Magic of Christmas is yet another amazing addition to their discography, and an album that will certainly become a seasonal highlight for many years to come, making its way on so many special holiday playlists!

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5 Stars from Celtic Radio!