Fun, energetic, and colorful Americana - We Banjo 3 is a music project with a heartfelt, warm, and positive approach to folk music. Their live shows are just as engaging and powerful as their studio setting, and their most recent studio release, “Roots to Rise - Live” is a powerful live performance, showcasing the chemistry of these amazing musicians, and their uncanny ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

This live release is an example of seamless character, and passion, where every element is utterly balanced, and it is obvious that the artist put a lot of effort into creating a very recognizable sonic formula. As a result, the listening experience is unique and easy to relate to, for listeners from all walks of life. With their virtuosic combination of Americana, bluegrass, and Irish folk, We Banjo 3 has continued to set the bar higher with every release. Although their records are amazing and fun to listen to, the stage is definitely the context which showcases the group at its best. These amazing performers bring a youthful, contagious energy to the stage, and it is impossible not to be completely rapt by their live shows!

Some people often forget to celebrate one of the most important aspects of folk music and Americana: its playfulness. These are songs for people to move to. This is music that is meant to get people to act a little rowdy, singing along and participating in a collective experience, where the response of the audience is almost like an additional instrument, or maybe an extension to the band itself. We Banjo 3 knows how to play off of the audience’s electricity, and this live rendition is a perfect example of what we are talking about here. You can instantly connect with the honesty and with the spontaneity of this musical endeavor, and the group’s passion is undeniable, whether on stage or in the recording studio.

5 Stars from Celtic Radio!

Check out “Roots to Rise,” and don’t miss out on other releases from We Banjo 3!