A beautiful crossover release that combines classic folk with pop sensibilities, and more.

The Gothard Sisters stand out as a really hard-working group of musicians, keeping close bonds not only with family, but also with the roots of a genre of music they know and love deeply. Folk music is timeless, pure and unadulterated, and one of the most intriguing things about The Gothard Sisters is that they keep celebrating their love for the genre, while stamping their own personality on the music they perform. As a result, listeners can enjoy something that’s broader and more direct, definitely allowing the band to combine their musicianship with their compositional sensibilities.

Their most recent release, “Midnight Sun,” is a perfect example of this project. The music of this release is inspired by what it is like to be a working musician: some songs are about traveling and meeting new fans, as well as allowing new ideas to come up while navigating a new environment. On this album, pop and folk cross ways perfectly, as The Gothard Sisters are not afraid to let their most melodic side shine. In spite of a more “pop-friendly” production, there are many engaging numbers and diverse tones, which have a more atmospheric and laid-back production. One of the coolest things about the album is that the band also incorporates other influences, including classic Americana and Irish traditional melodies. The possibilities are truly endless.

In addition to the stunning performances featured within this release, the production value is also absolutely world-class and worthy of a special mention. The sound of this release is technically very dynamic, which means that it is far from that overcompressed, flat tone that is plaguing many records in the folk genre today. On the other hand, The Gothard Sisters opted for a clear and balanced tone that truly highlights the natural dynamics of their playing, as well as the interaction between the musicians in the band.

At Celtic Radio, it has become more or less a tradition to review each and every new album that the Gothard Sisters produce. But it goes without saying that these sisters love what they do and it shows in their talents. How can we resist to review some of the best Celtic Folk music on the scene today!? That earns this trio 5 shimmering stars from Celtic Radio for Midnight Sun.

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