If you are familiar with physics, you might know about string theory: We won’t pretend to understand all the inner mechanisms and the knick knacks of this deep scientific topic, but the juice is simple: tiny particles can have an influence on the biggest objects of the universe. Stuff we can’t even see can affect entire galaxies.

Even the smallest change can have a ripple effect and change the shape of everything. This is definitely something that’s also found in the music of We Banjo 3 - This talented line-up of musicians set out to create a simple, yet rich arrangements where even the smallest details matter. The performances on “String Theory” are beautiful and organic. The way the album was recorded feels natural and lively, highlighting the group’s chemistry as a unit and truly allowing their “groove” and rhythm cohesion to stand out.

The recording has a pleasant live feel and a nice roomy tone that feels realistic and engaging, almost as if the band was playing in the room with you. We particularly love this kind of production, because it feels intimate and genuine - there aren’t any noticeable lush studio effects reminding you that you are listen to a “session” - it is just pure and unadulterated talent, captured in the most authentic way.

We Banjo 3 set out to combine the classic melodies of Celtic folk and Irish music with a vibe and a sound that borrows from Americana, Blues, Appalachian Folk and many other essential forms of American roots music. The resulting sound is traditional - yet innovating.

The songs on the album features some jaw-dropping playing, and they are also engaging, dance-friendly and entertaining! It is always refreshing to hear a group of young and passionate musicians who really believe in what they do and love to bring something new to the music scene with their vision and unique approach to folk music.

Find out more about We Banjo 3 and listen to their releases through their official website: http://www.webanjo3.com~We_Banjo_3

5 Stars from Celtic Radio!