The Irish-American folk band Solas are out to celebrate a truly important achievement: 2016 marks two decades on the music scene for the group, who set out to channel timeless musical traditions with a unique perspective over the span of 11 studio albums, countless live performances and numerous awards and accolades under their belt. Their latest release "All These Years" does not only feel like a tribute to the band's long-lasting musical journey, but also a celebration of their fondest influences and of the music that helped shape the band's career and success.

When you spend 20 years on the road, things change, whether you like it or not. People change, musicians change and so does the way they approach music and tell stories. “All These Years” is a collection of songs that tell the story (directly and indirectly) of a band that managed to charm audiences and grow into something of a cult act by blending the quintessential energy of Americana with the timeless – nearly holy – overtones of Celtic folk music.

Much like life itself, “All These Years” is a roller-coaster that reaches soft emotional lows as well as staggering energy heights. From the introspective and spiritual shades of a ballad to the high communal adrenaline released from an old-style Irish drinking tune, this album is a smorgasbord of emotions that travels hectic and unpredictable straight into the heart of the listener.

This album features contributions from all the past and present musicians who contributed to Solas through the years, alongside founding members Seamus Egan and Winifred Horan, the masterminds behind the group's unmistakable sonic formula.

Different musicians bring different feels, making for a rich, diverse and eclectic collection of songs sporting different textures and instrumental; from the suave notes of the flute to the stomp of the tenor banjo and the uplifting tones of whistles and bodhrans.

Solas might have been around for 20 years, but they are here to kick it with more passion, motivation and enthusiasm than ever before, celebrating their music and more importantly, their listeners, with an album, a tour and a concept that sounds monumental and important, yet cozy, relatable and immediate. 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!