“The New Blackthorn Stick” is the first ever Irish traditional clarinet album. The album features clarinetist Andrew Lamy performing dance sets and lyrical airs in both solo and group instrumental combinations, co-featuring the master musicians who taught and inspired him in his pursuit of adding the voice of the clarinet to Irish traditional music.

Celtic Radio Review:
I am a firm believer that great things happen when you take a slightly different approach to something that you might already be familiar with. Take Andy Lamy, for instance, a talented musician who is approaching Celtic music under a whole new light, implementing the sound of the clarinet.

This very distinctive instrument is not commonly associated with traditional folk instrumentation, but its mellow tone and depth are highly compatible with the actual dynamics of Celtic folk, as well as with the melodic sensibilities of these timeless melodies.

As a musician, Andy Lamy boasts an impressive background at work with some of the most influential classical performers (including the NYC philharmonic orchestra), but his love for Celtic music pushed him to perform with widely recognized folk artists the likes of The Chieftains.

“The New Blackthorn Stick” is actually a masterfully executed collection of tracks that encompass creativity and musicianship in a very unique and compelling way. 5 stars from Celtic Radio.