After gracing the Celtic music scenes with their compelling melodies and performances for many years, Poor Angus set out to craft a fantastic album that falls somewhere in between traditional Celtic music and singer-songwriter folk music.

Tracks like “The Gathering” set out to showcase the most cinematic and "big" sounding side of Celtic folk, with deep drums, epic melodies and spacious arrangements. On the other hand, the band showcases a more intimate and understated side through tracks such as “Never Come Back.” The strength of a folk guitar and some heartfelt vocals will simply never go out of style, and it can even reach new depths when accompanied by beautiful vocal harmonies and strings.

"The Gathering" is an album that showcase this band's incredible versatility and more importantly, their song-writing depth. The quest for continuing a line with the most authentic folk traditions (“Harrisons”, “Barrett's Privateers") without giving up on a vibrant, moving and believable pathos in their performances.

Artists the likes of Poor Angus definitely stand as a great indicator of what Celtic music is like today. It still evolves and continues to extend its timeless fascinations to new generations of listeners and performers, who do not simply pay tribute to the music they love, but make it their own through their unique personal approach as artists or even listeners.

I feel that this particular album does a great job representing all of this: the crisp and contemporary production feel gives a modern but not “slick” vibe to the song: the performances are captured with a tidy, clear and clean sound, but you can still enjoy the warmth and technical proficiencies of these performers.

Many Celtic music recording artists fail to rely on “studio trickery” a little too much, while others, such as Poor Angus, simply focus on offering the best possible portrait of their music, attitude and performances.

This is an album that will certainly appeal to fans of traditional Celtic music, but even to those with a soft-spot for the singer-songwriter folk revival scene and thus earns 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!