Duos are always quite surprising: most people just don't expect as much complexity and depth from a 2-piece line-up than they would expect from a full ensemble, but oftentimes…less is more.

banna de dhá – whose moniker simply means “a band of two” is all about this musical direction. Tom Morley (fiddle) and Hazel Ketchum (guitar and vocals) showcase a unique and original approach to folk music, blending the Irish traditional "footprint" with influences as diverse as American Old Time, Bluegrass and French-Canadian folk.

Their music appears timeless and traditional, yet refreshingly personal and inspired. It is obvious that the duo isn't just trying to "perform standards by the book", but rather provide their own emotional and technical interpretation of the tunes they play, providing a feeling of authenticity and warmth.

Acoustic guitar and fiddle can create intricate and complex melodic and rhythmic pattern while keeping things simple and direct. This is folk music at its best, highlighting its most basic elements and “Raison d'être”. 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!