North Sea Gas is a name that might be familiar to most Celtic music fans: the trio of Dave Gilfillan, Ronnie MacDonald and Grant Simpson has been around for nearly 3 decades, counting more than a dozen albums and countless performances all over the world throughout their extensive and remarkably productive career.

Their own blend of Scottish folk is captured very vividly within the band's latest studio effort, "The Fire and Passion Of Scotland". The band displays an attachment and a reverence for their roots from the very start. The music feels genuine, unpretentious and spontaneous, with a fondness for storytelling and beautiful harmonies.

The album is an expression of identity, heartfelt emotion and outstanding musicianship like few other releases within the genre as of lately. Not only the musical value and the songbook are excellent (a great compromise between traditional, contemporary and original material) but the production of the album is just perfect, highlighting each elementís natural feel and the powerful, clean approach on the vocals.

This band has been around for a long time, but their approach is always fresh and enthusiastic. No wonder their fan base keeps getting larger and larger, as their music and vibrant live shows manage to capture the attention of critics and audiences alike! 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!