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"A Celtic Christmas""; align="left" width="60" height="62">Well, the moment has finally arrived were we begin our Celtic Radio celebration of Christmas through our annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveways!

Currently we are playing a limited mix of Winter Solstice and traditional Christmas music on our Celtic" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">Celtic Moon broadcast.">; Celt-Rock-Radio has some Christmas Kickin' Celtic music mixed in with our regular programming. And our yearly traditional "A Celtic Christmas" website theme and 24/7 Christmas music on Highlander" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">Highlander Radio has been playing since November 30th and will continue through December 28th. We'd like to extend a big Christmas hello to all of the new listeners we have heard from this month that have discovered us through our Christmas broadcast. Thank you all very much for the kind feedback and Christmas messages we have received!"; align="right" width="60" height="62">
Starting on Saturday December 14th we will begin our 12 Days of Christmas contest. 12 CDs will be given away every day until December 25th!

The contest will work in this way. We will post the CD or prize to be given away in the early morning and then at some point in the day we will ask for the first person to respond to win the prize. Only 1 prize per person during this contest. Watch this thread for when we will be announcing the prize:

To give you an idea of what CDs we will be offering and on what days, here is a schedule of all CDs to be given away."> border="0" src=""; width="500" height="333">


12 Days of Christmas"; width="600" height="40" >

 12/14 - Saturday"; width="100" height="132">

12 Drummers Drumming"; target="_parent">"; width="200" height="200">

 12/15 - Sunday"; width="100" height="111">

11 Pipers Piping">; Buy CD!"; width="200" height="167">

Andrew McFayden


 12/16 - Monday"; width="91" height="142">

10 Lords A-Leaping"; target="_parent">"; width="200" height="200">
Thistledown Tinkers

 12/17 - Tuesday"; width="104" height="141">

9 Ladies Dancing"; target="_parent"> Buy CD!"; width="200" height="200">

Margo Rey

 12/18 - Wednesday"; width="113" height="114">

8 Maids A-Milking"; target="_parent"> Buy CD!"; width="200" height="200">

Various Celtic Artists

 12/19 - Thursday"; width="104" height="88">

7 Swans A-Swimming's+A+Celtic+Christmas&type=album&exact=exact" target="_parent">'s%20A%20Celtic%20Christmas_Heather%20Dale.jpg" width="200" height="200">
Marc Gunn's A Celtic Christmas

 12/20 - Friday"; width="104" height="114">

6 Geese A-Laying">; Buy CD!"; width="200" height="200">

Thistledown Tinkers

 12/21 - Saturday"; width="111" height="89">

5 Golden Rings"; target="_parent">"; width="200" height="200">

 12/22 - Sunday"; width="104" height="104">

4 Calling Birds"; target="_parent">"; width="200" height="204">

 12/23 - Monday"; width="100" height="128">

3 French Hens"; target="_parent"> Buy CD!"; width="200" height="200">

The Dangleberries

 12/24 - Tuesday"; width="104" height="114">

2 Turtle Doves"; target="_parent">"; width="200" height="200">
Leza Mesiah

 12/25 - Christmas!"; width="100" height="137">

Partridge in the Pear Tree!"; target="_parent"> Buy CD!"; width="200" height="200">

Eamon Ireland


Merry Christmas Everyone!