Hailing from the state of Massachusetts, Childsplay is more than a group; in fact, I would feel more comfortable calling it a true folk ensemble, sporting over two dozen talented musicians from the entire United States and Sweden.

An international cast of skillful artists who set out to give new life to their blend of folk music; and embrace the duality of the way the genre is perceived. On one hand, folk music is seen as a real cultural heritage; a testimony of the way music has twisted and turned throughout the years and a testament of our cultural origins. On the other hand, folk music is not meant to be a dusty relic to put on a pedestal. Folk is alive, vibrant, exciting and full of movement. It has the potential to creep into the modern world and blend with other genres.

Childsplay's vast curriculum fully reflect this dualism; just look at their performance history: the band feels comfortable to share small dance hall, as well as performing an institution such as The Smithsonian Institute, a true privilege for a musician.

Staying true to folk's spirit of innovation and contamination, Childsplay offer an eclectic take on Irish folk, blending it with sounds as diverse as gipsy music, jazz, Scandinavian ballads, and even Americana!

The band's album "As The Crow Flies" is a great example of their forward-thinking, yet direct approach to their music; and although tracks like The Dear Companion or The Last Alleluia are able to portray the band's emotional power and impact, I can't help but imagine that this music would take on a completely different dimension live. Just picture staring in front of so many musicians on a stage! Just that element in itself is spectacular…take it and combine it with the musicians and their world-class talent…you have a winner. 5 Stars from Celtic Radio!