The Fenians have been one of the most original and representative pioneers of the crossover between pure folk music and uncompromising rock and roll. Their songbook expanded to include originals, as well as renditions of traditional Irish folk classics reiterated with their own attitude and outlook.

Unlike fellow Irish folk / rock crossover artists such as “The Pogues”, The Fenians lean more towards the Celtic folk direction, spicing it up with the energy of contemporary pop and rock, but retaining more melody than grit and aggressively.

While many similar folk crossover acts seem to actually include elements of folk on a rock / pop format, The Fenians are unique because they seem to follow exactly the opposite pattern. Their music is folk oriented, spiced up with hints of 60s, 70s and 80s pop and rock. This apparently very small detail truly sets them apart from the majority of the folk crossover acts on the scene.

Their latest studio album, "Take me Home" (2013) is a collection of infectious, catchy and lighthearted folk-pop tunes that truly manage to bridge the gap between traditional folk and the best of old school arena pop, almost as if an early Bruce Springsteen had decided to jam with a folk group in an Irish pub.

This is definitely worth a listen if you want to deepen the exploration of the fascinating dynamics that brought to the development of the folk rock genre, or if you simply feel like something bright and melodic, with a traditional folk twist! Either way, the Fenians' latest album "Take me Home" is sure to keep you dancing and smiling all the way to the next concert. Five Stars from Celtic Radio!