The Gothard Sisters are on fire! After carving a comfortable spot for themselves within the Celtic music scene, they are back with a brand new studio effort, entitled Compass.

The charming Celtic music trio set out to come back on the scene with a brand new full length album that consolidates the group's stellar reputation within their music circuit, not only as a great live performer, but as a great studio act. One of the greatest problem of many Celtic music acts (a problem that affect many folk musicians in general) is that they struggle to fully capture the energy, emotion and feeling of their live performances within the apparently aseptic settings of a studio environment. It might be for the lack of an audience, the lack of a scenery boosting the motivation of the performers, but the sad reality is that there are a lot of solid musicians out there that fail to fully use the studio as a tool to capture their essence. However, this is definitely not the case of The Gothard Sisters.

"Compass" is a strong album, featuring some of the trio's most organic and heartfelt performances to date, driven by lively violin lines that don't overshadow the other elements of the music, but settle right in, boosting the overall dynamics throughout the entire record. From start to bottom, "Compass" feels authentic. The music is timeless and it has a strong connection to its roots, yet the performances are no nostalgia gimmick: The Gothard sister keep the fire of Celtic music alive, performing and dancing with an unparalleled enthusiasm.

5 Fiery Stars from Celtic Radio.