Hailing from Western Canada, Kiérah is a musician with a background in classical and a formal education in music, although she set out to stay true to her first love and live up to her fondness for celtic music, performing with fiddle and singing, interpreting some of the most beloved folk melodies and composing her own material.

Her studio efforts "Irish Madness (2008) and "A Fiddle Affair" are solid portraits of a dynamic and polished performer, comfortable on stage as well as within the premises of a recording studio. Her most recent studio effort "A Stonemason's Daughter" sees Kiérah going steady on the same path, accompanied by a great ensemble of musician from the Irish scene, which truly left a mark on the record, along with the vibes and culture and people of that country.

Kiérah set out to borrow all of the most familiar elements of the celtic tradition and update them to her own artistic sensibility, creating a dynamic experience and treating the crowd with a show that is not only a showcase of technicality, but first and foremost a convivial experience, loaded with the warmth and the cheerfulness typical of the genre, capable of bringing people together.

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