"; align="left" hspace="10" vspace="10" >Farewell to the Rovers - It's hard to imagine that 50 years ago in 1963 the Irish Rovers began their roving journey. And their final tour is looking like it may be the biggest yet. Starting in September in the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland, the Irish Rovers have tours planned for Canada, the U.S. and New Zealand.

Joining the Rovers on tour are multi-instrumentalist Morris Crum from Ireland, whistle/flute player Geoffrey Kelly (from Spirit of the West), and one of Ireland's most outstanding fiddle players, Gerry O'Connor - all who regularly play on Rovers recordings and tours. If youíve been waiting to see the Irish Rovers LIVE, wait no longer.

"The craic will be mighty" promises the Irish Rovers and given their epic career in Irish and Celtic Music, we would have to agree that this Farewell Tour looks to be something not to be missed. It is the last time you will be able to catch the Irish Rovers on tour, so be sure to check out the tour" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">tour schedule to find out when the Rovers will be rovin on your neck of the woods."; align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10" >

As quoted in the Newmarket Era News, Mr. Millar said that "Fifty years sounded right". "At 66, Iím the youngest. After a while, you lose hair and grow a belly. Itís time to get off the road. Weíre not severing ties. Weíll do festivals and specials, but this (touring) is a younger manís game."

The Rovin Road has been good to this band of talented musicians - having started their early days with the likes of Gordon Lightfoot, Ian and Sylvia and Joni Mitchell. You will not want to miss the magic of the Irish Rovers in their final tour.

FAREWELL TO ROVIN' Tour begins in Newfoundland and the Maritimes Sept/Oct 2013. Many venues are already selling. For tickets and the box office number please visit the Irish Rovers website">website;. If you've been waiting to see The Irish Rovers in concert, wait no more.

January through March 2014 the Rovers tour across the US - dates are still being added. They are heading down to New Zealand in September/October of 2014, also maybe Australia one last time. This may turn into the biggest Irish Rovers tour of all time!




Irish Rovers Featured Video


The Irish Rovers in concert, 2013. Geoffrey Kelly on whistle, George Millar on guitar, Wilcil McDowell on accordion, Sean O'Driscoll on box, Ian Millar on bass, Morris Crum on keyboards, Fred Graham on drums. Video recorded over a series of concerts during the March tour, 2013. Song available on "Home In Ireland" CD and DVD.