From The Willis Clan website, "Some families go for quantity, some for quality. But we ask, is it too much to ask for both?

God has blessed us greatly and we enjoy a rich and rewarding life. It is also a lot of hard work. With twelve children, just keeping their names straight can be a challenge. All twelve children's names start with the letter J.

We like to enjoy the full spectrum of life. We do music, dance, art, crafts, writing, as well as horses, wrestling, homemade cooking, swimming in the creek, and snuggling up before our fireplace warming our log cabin. We even have a front porch swing.

We also work hard to become excellent at the things we do. Our children have won regional and national dance titles and placed in world competitions for both music and dance. The boys have won state titles in folk style, freestyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling.

We have chosen to take paths less traveled and love it. We hope to share a little of this joy and adventure with everybody we meet."

Celtic Radio Comments:
The Willis Clan is literally the creation of Toby and Brenda Willis. It is no small feat having a large family today, and the Willis Clan now numbers 12 children making them a very large family! Their debut album is perfection in Irish traditional music, but what makes this album really shine is the fact that all 12 tracks are original Irish traditional songs created by the Willis Clan! The talent and the quality of these young musicians is truly amazing. Hats off to Toby and Brenda for their hard work in raising such a fine family, and one that will be giving back in music, song and dance for many years to come. 5 Stars for an incredible debut album by the Willis Clan. If you like groups like Lunasa, The Corrs or Solas - then you will love The Willis Clan.