Margo Rey was born in Acapulco Mexico and laid her professional foundation with over a decade of classical music training under the exclusive tutelage of classical voice professor Dr. Luther Stripling. At the age of 16, Rey fronted an all female rock band Debutante (The Debs,) who toured the U.S. as well as overseas and also sang in a 3 piece power pop band called the Ritual before beginning a career in jazz. After becoming the band leader for the Latin/Jazz R&B Sextet Miss Margo and the Lost Souls, Rey was signed to an indie label (Exitos-Latinos) where she recorded a Tejano/Pop Spanish album. This release boasted one top five and two top twenty singles.

She soon caught the attention of actor Edward James Olmos who recommended her for a principal role in the bound for Broadway musical Selena Forever . This led to a number of theatre credits including Saturday Night Fever, Latin Heat, Like Jazz, Senor Discretion Himself, Zorro and Canta Lunga. During this time period she began crafting and touring her own original music that she calls “Organica.”

Ferociously nuanced and passionate sound that defies nomenclature. Margo Rey, cognizant of that inevitable realization, refers to it as “Organica” a kind of counterpoise to “Electronica.” In other words, she’s articulating a world constructed of unfettered vocals that rivals anything created with synthesized sound.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Let Margo Key bring out the Christmas Spirit for your family with her new CD release called "This Holiday Night."

Sometimes the best presents come in small packages, and for Margo Rey her new 3 track Christmas CD definitely brings out the Holiday Spirit in a big way. This Holiday night contains "Silent Night" and "Toyland" along with her original song "This Holiday Night."

If you have not heard of Margo Key yet, then you do not know what you are missing. She has a beautiful and talented voice and her modern arrangements of the traditional songs "Silent Night" and "Toyland" are brilliant. She sings from the heart, with a glowing Christmas spirit that delights the season like a fine glass of wine.

Her original song, "This Holiday Night" is a masterpiece that certainly will be cherished for years to come. But one does not need to look far to understand the inspiration of Margo's song. Everything good and beautiful about Christmas is reflected from Margo's own family experience as she writes,

"My family always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and most of the time the entire extended family would sleep over. The food that was served was all of our favorite specialty dishes like Mexican Mole served over a saffron rice, delicious salads and vegetables. Also we ate prime rib, turkey or turkey enchiladas with my aunt’s fantastic salsa verde that she would spend all day making. We would open presents at the stroke of midnight.

The memories are very fond and even though life goes on to build new traditions and memories, I still think that most people who celebrate holidays love to do it so much because of the power of those memories that live in their hearts and create a kind of suspended happy vibe that many truly wish we could all live in all year round."

So let Margo Key bring out the Christmas Spirit in your family with her new CD release called "This Holiday Night." 5 Magical Stars for the Girl that keeps the Christmas Spirit alive and well all year round!