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With the FREE Live365 mobile app, you can easily listen to all of our Celtic Radio Channels. Once installed, search for our channels: Highlander Radio HD, Celt Moon, Celtic Dance, Celt Rock Radio or Salty Dog Radio. There is nothing like taking the sounds of Celtic Music mobile in your house, neighborhood or on the road. Crank up the music and share it with the world! Smartphone listening through


iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
The Apple Live365 mobile app includes search/browse, presets, top stations, personalized recommendations, background streaming and more! Get it now direct from your iPhone in the Apple App Store!">;"; width="102" height="33" hspace="8" align="absmiddle">">; Install Directly from your device

Android Phones and Tablets
With the Android Live365 mobile app,  listeners can now enjoy all the benefits of listening on their Tablets, Smartphones and Kindle Fire. Get it now from the Android App Store!">;"; hspace="8" align="absmiddle" width="115" height="33">">; Advanced Install & Kindle Fire"; align="absmiddle" width="105" height="29">

The easiest way to install the Live365 mobile app is to go to the App Store on the Kindle Fire and search for 'Live365.'

Advanced Install & Kindle Fire can be installed directly by first going into your Kindle Fire Settings, then More, then Device and turn on 'Allow Installation of Applications'. Download the">; Advanced Install & Kindle Fire file. You can check on the status of the download by touching the web browsing settings:"; vspace="3" width="25" height="19">
Access your Downloads and you will see the Live356 Player downloading. Once the file download is complete, touch the file and install the Live365 Mobile App. Your now ready for mobile listening on your Kindle Fire!"; width="65" height="63">