For nearly a decade, guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore, charismatic vocalist Candice Night and their fellow band of minstrels have crafted an enchanting renaissance/folk/rock sound that has earned them the devotion of fans around the globe. Now for the first time ever, audiences can enjoy the magic of Blackmore's Night performing holiday songs.

Forged by a common love of Renaissance and Middle Age music, former Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore co-founded Blackmore's Night with vocalist Candice Night in 1997. Over the course of
five high internationally charting studio albums--four gold records, awarded the Number One Vocal album of the year for two of their releases, music video awards, several live and compilation releases, and many sold-out tours around the planet-they have truly perfected their signature blend of renaissance and folk music with an effective rock and roll flourish.

The songs on Winter Carols are Candice and Ritchie's interpretation of many favourite carols, shared, performed and enjoyed for the past 400 years.

Celtic Radio Comments:
Few Christmas albums can really break new creative ground in the Celtic, Medieval or Folk genre - but leave it to Blackmore's Night to create a true inspiration for this holiday season. A beautiful composition of 12 traditional Christmas songs performed in true Blackmore fashion with electric guitars, angelic vocals and sweeping melodies. Winter Carols is a holiday CD that is to be treasured year in and out. One of our favorite tracks, Christmas Eve, is certain to put anyone in the Christmas Spirit - even ol' Ebenezer himself would certainly pour another glass of this fine musical wine and toast to humanity and life! Winter Carols is a symphony of resounding holiday sounds that will brighten your Christmas all through New Years. 5 Golden Christmas Stars for the most beautiful and creative Christmas album we have reviewed!