Albannach is an exciting Scottish tribal drumming band. A Blend of energetic and rhythmic drumming, enchancing vocals and some of the most amazing piping you'll ever hear - Albannach are one of the most unique acts you will ever encounter.

Albannach is Scots-Gaelic for "Scottish" or "Scotsman". And that's exactly what they are! Albannach are all born and bred in Scotland and their purpose in life is to share their intriguing culture, history and heritage by means of their music. They are just not another Scottish "Pipes & Drums" band, their music goes beyond the traditional and into the tribal dance of the Pictish Scottish culture, echoing the ancient past of Scotia.

The band is made up of 6 unique individuals who all bring together a wealth of musical talent:

Jamesie is the bass drummer with the band is also responsible for some of the bands vocal works. Kyle is a former Highland Dancer (until age 14) and drummer for the Vale of Atholl - he is the lead drummer for Albannach. Donnie is a world-renowned bagpiper and is extremely talented on other instruments including the drums, piano and guitar. Jacquie is the considered the mother of the group (she keeps the boys in line) and plays the bass rhythms and is known for her haunting vocal skills. Aya is the bands Bodhran player as well.

Celtic Radio Contributor Review:
When writing a review, I normally try to give a description of every track, that the result might serve as a road map of what the listener can expect. However, in the case of Albannach's EP, “The Sub-Zero Sessions”, that kind of analysis would be a disservice. One listens to this CD for the overall feel of it, more than for detailed message and meaning. As for overall mood, this recording really shines. It starts off with two samples of the heavy drums and pipes style we all love from this team.

Half way through, “1320” slows to reflect on the spirit of Scotland and the hope offered by The Declaration of Arbroath. The pipes and drums then return to dance across the sound stage as chasing lassies through the meadow. The final track, “Heart in the Holy Lands”, deserves special attention. The pipes here, rather than following the staccato of the drums as close, seem to call across time and space and draw the listener in.
Celtic Radio Contributor

Celtic Radio Comments:
If you like to dance to bagpipes and drums, then Albannach has redefined the genre with their unique musical talents. The music is just beautiful, exciting and heart pounding all at the same time! Every track is crafted so carefully to support their purpose of sharing their culture, heritage and history of Scotland. If you want to energize your Celtic Music with kick-ass stomping tribal drums and renegade bagpipes then the Sub-Zero Sessions is your pick. 5 Golden Stars from Celtic Radio!