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The Elders
Wanderin' Life and Times

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1 Building A Boat
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2 Station Number 9
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3 Forever Friend
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4 Wanderin' Life & Times
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5 Please Come Home
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6 Appallachian Paddy
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7 Common Man
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8 Seven Years
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9 What A House We Could Build
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10 Orange Plank Road
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11 Whisky On The Fire
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Wanderin' Life and Times

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Listener Reviews

Member Name: DaytonGirlJMS
Date Posted: 09-Nov-2011

Comments: After five years of following this band --- and I mean that literally from Dayton, Ohio to Kansas City to Galway, Ireland --- what has kept this fan coming back is the downright addictive quality their music has as it transports all of us out of the ordinary into the hopeful parts of life, each and every time we experience it.
And the latest CD from The Elders, “Wanderin’ Life & Times” is no exception. In fact, this is the Elders CD that sets the standard for the band’s ability to take us to new places.
Take the song, “Common Man,” for example. With its strong bass beat from both the guitar and vocals, it could easily be a part of the New York City club scene. But, listen to the lyrics and you’ll soon realize that this song delivers something much more meaningful than a 3 a.m. apple martini ever could. For it is a tribute to the tenacity of those who do whatever it takes to carve out a life for themselves, their families, and their country. Having pride in one’s life is not new, but pairing it with a club beat is. This song transports us to a place that celebrates the spirit and accomplishments of the common man it is named after. And that, like the entire CD, is something to dance about.
“Wanderin’ Life & Times” is full of surprises and delivers a richness of reflection paired with fresh arrangements not seen from the band before. And like all good art, it challenges us to think, experience, and express in new ways.
So, buy this CD and get jiggy with it --- Irish jiggy, that is.

Member Name: clavelle
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2011

Comments: This is the latest studio CD from this celtic-rock powerhouse fronted by Ian Byrne, a Kansas City resident and native of County Wicklow, Ireland. The rest of the band members are Steve Phillips, guitar & mandolin; Brent Hoad on fiddle & mandolin; Norm Dahlor on bass & banjo; Tommy Sutherland – drums & percussion, and Joe Miquelon on keys, accordion & organ. Their stellar songwriting and musicianship is once again showcased in this new release.

My first off hit on the initial listen was the title track, Wanderin’ Life and Times, catchy rhythm and melody, a good story, and an easy to remember and sing-a-long-to chorus. I immediately hit the back button, and listened to it again. Please Come Home is an anthem to the brave men and women serving in the military forces, and is sure to be a massive crowd pleaser. With haunting whistle at the start and amazing harmonies by the lads throughout, this new tune is going to bring tears to the eyes of many audiences as those who serve are honored and remembered.

Appalachian Paddy is a treat for the listener, the longest track on the CD at 7m 40s, it tells the story of Dinny and his fiddle, his emigration to America and witnesses the transformation of traditional irish music into the hill music of the Appalachian mountains. More history is served in Orange Plank Road (battle of the wilderness), the story of this civil war battle is told in this song, the music is old-timey, and is simple yet memorable. The lyrics once again shine through in this retelling of a true story – something The Elders are known for doing.

You’ll be rocking out and singing along to Building a Boat, Seven Years and Whiskey on the Fire, all wonderful foot tapping tunes. Station #9 the loudest, fastest, rockingest track on the CD is massive in its sound, tempo and arrangement. The more you hear it, the more you love it!

The story of our times is told in Common Man, the working man providing for his family, working his fingers to the bone. The theme of the times is continued in Forever Friend, and What a House – what a world we could have if we all worked together instead of against each other (hear me, Congress?).

As always with The Elders, every single track is excellent; well written, performed and produced. This is a must have CD for your collection!

Member Name: kathyo
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2011

Comments: biggrin.gif

Member Name: FiddlingMcGuire
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2011

Comments: This is an awesome group of musicians! Very professional and a genuinly nice and talented group of guys!


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