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Burning Bridget Cleary
Totes For Goats

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1 Where’s Pete?: The New Copper Plate, The Old Copper Plate, The Scholar (feat. Nate Godshall, bodhran)
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2 The Elfin Knight
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3 Sloppy Set: Sloppy’s Slip Jig, The Night Poor Larry Was Stretched, Booley House (feat. Nate Godshall, bodhran)
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4 The King and the Fair Maid (with original interlude), Moses the Goat
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5 The Unfortunate Rake Set: The Unfortunate Rake, The Boy in the Boat, Jimmy’s Groove
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6 Nead Na Lachan Sa Mhuta (NAH-nah LOCK-in sah WOO-tah) trans.“The Duck’s Nest in the Moat” (feat. Nate Godshall, bodhran; Siddharth Bhaskar, D whistle)
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7 Jigs for the Gangly Sort: Cameron’s Twinkle, Trip to Spektor (feat. Joseph Plowman, upright bass)
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8 Lament for Emil
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9 The Blacksmith
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10 To My Wife, Short and Sweet
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11 The Fort: Are You Ready Yet, The Return to Miltown, The Fort of the Daft Woman
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12 The Connemara Shore
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13 The Cuckoo (feat. Joseph Plowman, upright bass)
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Editorial Review of Totes For Goats:

A sumptuous feast of traditional & original Celtic tunes, comprised of upbeat vocals complemented by soaring fiddle harmonies, distinctive guitar, driving jigs & reels, tempered by haunting and meditative airs.

Fan Comment from Jon H. in Seattle:

"Sure, you can buy their CD, and then it'll get stuck in your head, and you'll play it several hundred times, and then you'll buy another one, and that one will get stuck in your head, and you'll play it several hundred times, and then you'll buy another one, and THAT one will get stuck in your head ... and then, one day, you'll realize that you've bought ALL THREE, and now what? You're going to do it anyway, but don't blame me, I warned you."

What people are saying: One of the most exciting bands I ve seen in the last couple of years . . . Jack Baker,The Irish American News . . . a rockin Celtic sound ! . . . a highlight of this summer s Philadelphia Folk Festival -Michael Kornfeld, (2009)

Called the Allman Brothers of Celtic fiddle bands, only prettier (Mike Weekly, Pottstown Mercury), Burning Bridget Cleary features the remarkable fiddle talents of Rose Baldino and Deirdre Lockman, who lead the band with high energy and tightly woven harmonies in both fiddle and vocals. The driving rhythm and bass end is supplied by veteran Philadelphia guitarist, Lou Baldino, and Toronto native, Peter Trezzi, on djembe. Since 2006, BBC has played hundreds of performances along the East Coast, and produced three full length CDs. Their May 2012 single/music video release, Stor Mo Chroi , is receiving lots of radio attention and great reviews. Known for their captivating sound and engaging stage presence, Burning Bridget Cleary is currently one of the hottest young bands on the Celtic and folk circuits.

Recent /Upcoming Venues: The Philadelphia Folk Festival The Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA NBC Philadelphia, The Ten Show The Celtic Classic Bethlehem Musikfest The Celtic Fling, Manheim, PA Falcon RidgeFolk Fest Emerging Artist Showcase The Fair Hill Scottish Games, Fair Hill, MD Shawnee Mountain Celtic Festival World Café Live in Philadelphia The Green Lane Scottish-Irish Fest Horses Sing None of It Syndicated Folk Music TV 30 minute feature The Colonial Theater The Philadelphia Folksong Society Influences Workshop Series Godfrey Daniels Folk Listening Room, Bethlehem, PA The Tin Angel WXPN Live Interview/performances on Gene Shay s Folk Show (6 appearances) The Virginia Highlands Music Festival, Abingdon, VA Mayfair Festival of the Arts, Allentown, PA The WNC Highlands Celtic Festival, Black Mountain, NC The International Celtic Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY The Great American Irish Festival The Blackstone River Theater Summer Solstice Festival Spring Gulch Folk Festival NERFA Tri-centric Showcase Artists The Buffalo Irish Festival, Buffalo, NY Ireland Musical Tour (2011, 2013)

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Totes For Goats

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Saucy Sailor at Puck Live

Puck Live on March 14, 2008

Burning Bridget Cleary

Burning Bridget Cleary

St. Patty's Day of 2006

Stor Mo Chroi

Burning Bridget Cleary at AOH Irish Festival

Mason's Apron

Oh My Little Darling

Burning Bridget Cleary at Celtic Classic 2012

Burning Bridget Cleary 03

Burning Bridget Cleary

At The Acoustic Coffeehouse 8

Listener Reviews

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 05-Jul-2011

Comments: Burning Bridget Cleary joined the world of Celtic music on St. Patty's Day in 2006 when, by what I would like to think was divine intervention, a group scheduled to play at a house party was unable to make the gig and father/daughter duo Lou and Rose Baldino stepped up to the plate. The duo was joined by Genevieve (Genna) Gillespie, Rose's childhood friend. Funny enough, it was Genna's family's group, Gilly's Hedge, who couldn't make it to the gig that fateful night.

The trio has embraced what I like to think of as a North American phenomenon wherein the Irish Celtic groups on the west side of the pond sound "more Irish" than the Irish groups do. This is certainly not meant as an offense to any Irish groups playing Celtic music, but is just a personal observation. I believe this stems from the Yanks, et al, striving to stay true to their roots, whilst the Irish, their feet already planted firmly in the cultural soil of their homeland, feel they have more freedom to musically explore their musical fence lines...

Read the full review by Celtic Radio Contributor - Vickie Yakus:


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