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George Donaldson
The White Rose

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Award Winner

#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 A Song for Harry Chapin - * Award
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2 Beeswing - * Award
View Song Information
3 Glasgow - * Award
View Song Information
4 On a Bus to St Cloud - * Award
View Song Information
5 The White Rose - * Award
View Song Information
6 Burlington - * Award
View Song Information
7 Safe in the Harbour - * Award
View Song Information
8 Halifax Town - * Award
View Song Information
9 Hierarchy Blues - * Award
View Song Information
10 Grace - * Award
View Song Information
11 Let the Tears Flow - * Award
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The White Rose

Listener Reviews

Date Posted: 26-Feb-2012

Comments: I truly love Georges voice and the way he writes songs. He is so talented. To hear him sing Grace makes me cry,actually almost every song on The White Rose makes me cry they are so beautiful.

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 16-Feb-2012

Comments: Love Beeswing! George is an incredible performer and musician!

Member Name: CarmelAnnie
Date Posted: 12-Feb-2012

Comments: Simply love this album! Having seen and heard George sing with Celtic Thunder these past few years, it was such a treat to hear him singsome of his own songs...Each song stands along. Some are upbeat, some thought provking..but all are just perfect!

Member Name: nelliebelle1936
Date Posted: 03-Feb-2012

Comments: This is an outstanding album, especially for a debut album. Every song on it means something. You can hear George's feelings in all his songs he writes. Love the way he puts words together and love the way he sings them. I predict many more wonderful albums to come from this very talented, humble Scotsman.

Member Name: marcyschmidt1
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2012

Comments: The White Rose written and performed by George Donaldson is the most moving and inspirational CD I've heard. Georges story telling, voice, passion are beyond words. Every time I listen to it I appreciate it more and more. The words, stories, music and arrangements are absolutely beautiful.

Member Name: jodieirene
Date Posted: 30-Jan-2012

Comments: The White Rose is a terrific album. George's songs are riveting. Hierchy Blues and Halifax Town are two of my favorites.

Member Name: heartsong
Date Posted: 27-Sep-2011

Comments: ‘Songs that blew my mind away,’ is how George Donaldson describe Harry Chapin’s music on this long awaited debut album. I think those words are also appropriate for the songs on “The White Rose.” According to George, “The White Rose” was 20 years in the making and my opinion is that it was well worth the wait (however, the second one had better not take as long). The songs are full of passion and tell unique stories. Each note rings with genuine feeling, which many of today’s musicians lack. George’s beautiful vocals and amazing music cause the listeners to feel every single emotion that has been woven through the songs and masterfully combined into a work of art.

Member Name: DiMaSt
Date Posted: 10-Aug-2011

Comments: The White Rose is available at cdbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/georgedonaldson

Member Name: DiMaSt
Date Posted: 31-Jul-2011

Comments: I've been waiting for this!!!! What an excellent album, George wrote most of the songs...and they come from his heart, from his experiences. His website has the stories of some of the lyrics, great reading. It's hard to pick a favorite, but for me....A Song for Harry Chapin, and The White Rose are probably my favorites of the songs that George wrote. Probably smile.gif He does a great cover of Beeswing, catchy song that sort of sticks in your head. And a very emotional cover of Grace. Request and listen, this man's voice is a treasure.



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