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Enter The Haggis
The Modest Revolution

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The Modest Revolution

Listener Reviews

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2013

Comments: Enter the Haggis (ETH) has scored big with their latest release, The Modest revolution. ETH picked a random future date of March 30, 2012 to write and record an album based on the articles found on that date in a local newspaper. The result, a snapshot of time that will be revered and enjoyed for years to come. This is the equivalent of a time capsule that was popular in the 1970's, only ETH has recorded their time capsule in the form of a full length CD. The difficulty of creating this project is hard to visualize, but one thing is for certain, ETH had the steadfast love and commitment of their fan base to produce this project through success. It really is a beautiful and thoughtfully created CD with tracks that ETH fans will love. And the CD case and folder are just a thing of beauty to old and read. 5 Revolutionary Stars from Celtic Radio!

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