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Featured Artist
#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Les Mardi Gras/Reuben’s Train/Le Reel Béatrice
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2 Willie’s Auld Trews/Fionnghuala/Tam Lin
View Song Information
3 Morwnad yr Ehedydd/Titrwm Tatrwm/Abergenni
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4 Volviendo al Valle/Chouteira/Get You a Copper Kettle
View Song Information
5 Tail Toddle/The Morning Dew/The Ale is Dear
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6 Seán Bháin/Chloë’s Passion
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7 Les Poules Huppées/Ton Bal Eured/Tumbledown
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8 Pachipi/Dans les Prisons de Nantes/Johnny’s Gone to France
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9 The Trooper and the Fair Maid/Toddy MacPherson’s
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10 Moirney ny Cainle/Arrane y Guilley Hesheree/St. Ives Fer Moh
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11 Shetland Reels: Spootiskerry/Sleep Soond i’ da Moarnin’/Faroe Rum/Willafjord
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Signature - Iona


The Sound of Iona

Listener Reviews

Member Name: ionaflute
Date Posted: 25-Oct-2011

Comments: Great album! 100% Pan-Celtic.
But don't try to buy it from Amazon.
It's much cheaper at CDBaby.

Member Name: ionavoice
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2011

Comments: It's a great album, but it sure ain't Johnny Cash!

Member Name: ionavoice
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2011

Comments: This isn't by the band, IONA, obviously! I sent in a copy last last week - did it get lost in the mail, perhaps? Please let me know if you need another.


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