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Wicked Tinkers

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Dean Set
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2 Colkitto's Jigs
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3 Donald MacGillivray
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4 Swing Set
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5 MacFarlane's Lantern
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6 Smallpipe Set
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7 The Curmudgeon
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8 Pat Collin's Fancy
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9 Last Embers
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10 The Shinty Boys
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11 The Hog
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12 The Rant
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13 Shenavallie Farm
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Wicked Tinkers

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Listener Reviews

Member Name: LeeBear
Date Posted: 11-Mar-2019

Comments: Love the Tinkers...always a party when they're playing...they need to bring them back to the Highland games in Vegas!

Review on Wicked Tinkers
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Member Name: IrishBeachLassie
Date Posted: 10-Mar-2013

Comments: Wicked Tinkers - RANT

With this, their sixth CD, Wicked Tinkers have confirmed their place as pioneers of the Tribal Celtic Music movement. Highland Pipes, pounding drums, didgeridoo and bronze-age Irish Horn are still here aplenty but on “Rant” they explore new territory with more adventurous arrangements, the Uilleann or Irish Pipes, new songs and friends (taken from the Rant CD cover).

Starts out with Dean’s Set…, precise clean and absolutely flawless… Pat Collin’s Fancy; a favorite of mine. I picture myself on a mountain top in Scotland looking over its beautiful land, thinking about the history of my ancestors and know that someday I will be on the mountain top taking it all in, preferably with a piper playing in the background…then it goes into some awesome dancing music, I can picture myself dancing around a huge outdoor fire celebrating harvest…The Curmudgeon, excellent…..and it just keeps getting better…My absolute all time favorite, Shenavallie Farm….just that one track alone is worth its weight in gold…great playing guys….not sure they can get any more tribal then that. The Hog…fun song….your smile will definitely will be pointing towards to the heavens on this one…..don’t miss listening to Smallpipe set……WOW!

Whether you are listening to the CD or seeing them live….the music is the same, OUTSTANDING….just more fun to actually see them live and participate.

I had the awesome opportunity to see this group at the 2009 Scotfest, Costa Mesa, California. The crowd loved them and I can see why – wonderful entertainers, the crowd participation was incredible.

CJ Henderson, the didgeridoo player is like no one I’ve ever heard or seen before…what he has accomplished is his own signature style and he does it incredibly well.; the drive to be the best definitely shows a thousand times ten….

Each and every member of the band is as special and gifted as the next, they love what they do and they do it extremely well!

The tribal sound and the banging drums, drew me closer with every single tune they played…they are fun, energetic, kilted and they ROCK…so play them LOUD!!! Word of advice; don’t EVER pass up the opportunity to see them live!!!! Awesome CD – highly recommended!


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