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The Elders
Racing the Tide

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1 Send a Prayer
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2 Bad Irish Boy
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3 Dear God
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4 Cousin Charlie
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5 Right with the World
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6 Racing the Tide
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7 Banshee Cry
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8 Gonna Take a Miracle
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9 Australia
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10 Story of a Fish
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11 Five Long Years
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12 Ever be a Nation
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13 Saint Brendan Had A Boat
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: Stray Cats Live Here
Date Posted: 01-Oct-2006

Comments: And so cool, the "Racing The Tide" album is going national in November!

Member Name: clavelle
Date Posted: 22-Sep-2006

Comments: Another Elder's fan here.... fabulous music and a great group of guys as well. Who could ask for more? I love the new CD, its been consistently in my CD player, home, work, car, since I got it in July. Elders - come back to COLORADO!!!

Check out Hunting for Haggis' Cd "Breakfast with the Elders", it features Brent Hoad of Elders fame on a number of tracks playing fabulous fiddle. And Ian Byrne is also to be heard singing harmony on the chorus of Anne Marie.

Member Name: Stray Cats Live Here
Date Posted: 07-Sep-2006

Comments: Ok, I organized the shots by day. Temps all weekend shot up to the 90's, and it was humid too. Had been cooler up untiil Thursday that week. The Dayton Airshow was also that weekend.

Friday Night 28 Jul 06
(shot 14, someone (Ian or Brent) off camera was throwing water, that's what's flying out)

Saturday 29 Jul 06

After Festival Party at Canal St Tavern

Sunday 30 Jul 06

I added another set of sights, two of the crowds from across Monument Street, looking towards the tents, and nine of the parachutists that decided to drop in for a visit?
Some other sights

And yes, teaching my granddaughter to enjoy lots of music, I'd love to get her signed up for dance classes so she can teach me some steps... walkman.gif

Member Name: Rindy
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2006

Comments: I think it would be fine to post the link... I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. How cute about your grandaughter.. somone is bringing her up right wink.gif

Slainte smile.gif

Member Name: Stray Cats Live Here
Date Posted: 06-Sep-2006

Comments: Thanks Rindy, for the warm welcome. I have a slew of photos from the Dayton Festival (most of them are Elders' photos as I made a point of seeing all 5 shows that weekend) and some from Gaelic Storm's last show of the fest, as well as some GS from Dublin's Fest (and the parachustists that dropped in Sunday), but I fear it's more space than I'm alloted to put up here. If it's allowable, I'll post links to the yahoo photo slideshows.

Now I've got my granddaughter tapping around the house to them.. walkman.gif

Member Name: Rindy
Date Posted: 05-Sep-2006

Comments: I am guilty I also fell for them first time I heard them. They are simply fantastic.

I don't believe I have had the chance to say Welcome to you Stray Cats Live Here..and normelder "so Welcome to you"

I look forward to any cd the Elders put out. Great music....

Slainte smile.gif

Member Name: Stray Cats Live Here
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2006

Comments: I fell for The Elders at their first appearance at the 2005 Dayton Celtic Festival, and got all the cds they had out then. They are wonderful and full of energy, and thankfully, the memory of their show was enough to keep me till this year's shows, which didn't disappoint, either, and of course, I got Racing The Tide. Providing that the internet lag I'm getting right now lets up, I'll post a few shots in the gallery.

Wishing I was in KC MO right now for their shows at KCIF.. but memories and cds will have to tide me till 2007.


My favorites from Racing The Tide?
Send A Prayer
Dear God
Racing The Tide
Gonna Take A Miracle
Story Of A Fish
Ever Be A Nation
Banshee Cry
Right With The World

Member Name: Senara
Date Posted: 21-Aug-2006

Comments: I do so wish to thank CR for introducing me to The Elders...had it not been for CR I would have never known such an extraordinary musical group existed.

I do enjoy listening to their new album. My favorite tunes:
Racing the Tide
St. Brendan Had a Boat
Story of a Fish
Dear God

Member Name: Lady Jeanetta
Date Posted: 21-Aug-2006

Comments: I must agree with you there. These guys are great biggrin.gif

I had the joy of watching them perform at Milwaukee Irish Fest on Friday afternoon. This was my first time seeing the Elders and I was completely blown away. Their a cappella "Men of Erin" still haunts me. And lead vocalist Ian Byrne -- what a voice that man has!

Gaelic Storm was originally my chief reason for attending the Fest; however, they've been replaced by the Elders as my favorite performers. (I have a feeling I'll have both the Elders' new album and GS's "Bring Your Wellies" playing nonstop for awhile, though smile.gif )

Member Name: normelder
Date Posted: 06-Aug-2006

Comments: their best yet!


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