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Paddy's Pig
Do Your Worst

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Do Your Worst
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2 Mick Maguire
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3 Black Velvet Band
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4 Brown Coffin
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5 Big Strong Man
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6 Faithful old Busker
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7 Drink The Whole Pub
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8 Rakes of Mallow/The Girl Left Behind
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9 Barrett's Privateers
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10 Rocky Road To Dublin
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11 Rattlin' Bog
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12 Isn't it Grand Boys To be Bloodywell Dead
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13 The Island of the Shades
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14 No Children
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15 Fields of Athenry
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16 Whiskey Your The Devil
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17 I'm a man you dont Meet every Day
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18 Musical Priest /Jerry Hayes
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: IrishBeachLassie
Date Posted: 16-Mar-2013

Comments: Paddy’s Pig is a traditional Irish and Folk music band from Los Angeles, California. They play traditional Irish tunes with flawless beautiful vocals; the music is a perfect accompaniment to Missy Gibson’s tone. Throw in a little bit of humor and lots of energy, that’s Paddy’s Pig!!!

Mike Flanagan: Mandolin - Vocals - Penny Whistle - Guitar - Banjo – Bouzouki

Missy Gibson:Vocals – Percussion

Damon Pipitone: Drums – Percussion

Marty Beal: Guitar

Their repertoire includes songs, jigs & hornpipes, ballads and drinking songs.

Starts with the title track “Do Your Worst”…..great song and very impressive…great vocals… the music is flawless.

Found that while listening to “Musical Priest” with me nifty new ear-phones..hard to sit still..needed to get up and dance…tap me toes…stomp me feet…great music…perfection at its finest.

Very fond of “Fields of Althenry” and “Faithful Old Busker”, excellent and fine listening at its best.

While listening to “Brown Coffin” and “Rakes of Mallow/The Girl I Left Behind”… …I closed my eyes and I could have sworn I was in Ireland ~ beautiful.

In the very near future my wishes are to see them in person which shouldn’t be hard to do…enjoyed the whole CD... great fun listening…assures me that they are outstanding live.

There’s not one track better then the next…I’ve only mentioned a handful…every single track is perfect…..have some fun. It was definitely fun listening…love their style… definitely worth the purchase. Bottom line….LOVED the whole CD.

Highly recommended listening..a definite must for anyone’s music library.


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