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Bonny Prince Barley

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#  Artist & Song Title, Album Time Rating Request Buy CD Website Info Fav Prv
1 Drunkard's Ambassadors
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2 Swig
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3 Songs For Sinners
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4 Hard Life of Ivan MacRae
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5 Weekend Irish
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6 Nancy Whiskey
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7 Jo'rneyman's Song
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8 London Calling
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9 My Bonnie Lassie and Me
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10 Bleary-Eyed Beauty
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: Rindy
Date Posted: 21-Jun-2008

Comments: I received my Barley Juice Bonny Prince Barley today. I don't think this cd has had enough said about it. It had me singing and tapping along. I was wondering where you come up with the idea of the album cover? It's great. I love it.

I have a few of your other cds and I'd have to say this one rates as well as the others. Great music. I would highly recommend this cd to all of you who like celtic music. Thanks Celtic Radio and Barley Juice for supplying this wonderful music. Way to go Barley Juice!


Member Name: Jimmy Carbomb
Date Posted: 04-Apr-2008

Comments: Thanks for all the letters and emails all! You're MORE than kind.

As for the majority of the notes, the answer is YES... "My Bonnie Lassie" is about my wife. Those who know her will understand the reference at the end that is "My Curly Lassie and Me".

I really do try to answer all the inquiries as soon as possible. It's a matter of hit-and-miss when I'm trying to find WiFi on the road!


Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 16-Mar-2008

Comments: Barleyjuice has always been one of Celtic Radio's favorite and most recommend bands to purchase their CD or better yet – to see them perform in pure Barleyjuice fashion at one of their pumped-up rockin concerts.

What makes Barleyjuice so special is they have combined all of the attributes of a great rock band; the promotion, the music and the mystic all into one definite package called ‘Barleyjuice.’ At the heart of their success is simply just a great group of guys that love to play Celtic Rock music and it shows in their latest CD “Bonny Prince Barley.”

These boys know how to have fun, know how to rock and know how to party. Bonny Prince Barley is a culmination of seasoned raw musical talent combined with a stellar line up hard driving tracks like, “London Calling”, “Swig” and “Drunkard’s Ambassadors.” But surprisingly, Barleyjuice can switch gears with the smooth and full body songs of “Jo'rneyman's Song”, “Hard Life of Ivan MacRae” and “Bleary-Eyed Beauty.” Like a fine draught beer in the late evening hours, these songs will have you humming and singing to their beautiful arranged choruses (raise your beer high now!).

There is just some things in life you can not do without, and for us a cold black lager and Barleyjuice’s latest CD is it. While we can not help you with the lager (visit your local pub or retailer), we can direct you to some of the finest Celtic Rock music released this year. Visit the links below to pick up your copy today. 5 Gold Draft Celtic Radio Stars for the band that keeps on rockin!

Read the full review here:



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