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Bareknuckle Pipes and Drums

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1 Intro
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2 Bare Arsed Bandits
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3 Drinking Cataloochee Kool Aid
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4 Kishmul's Galley
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5 1320
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6 The Gralloch'in
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7 Tweedle Dee
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8 Mons Graupius March
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9 Ode To The Mountain Rest M's
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10 Hail To The Heroes
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11 Heart In The Holy Lands
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12 Ae Fond Kiss
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Listener Reviews

Member Name: CelticRadio
Date Posted: 05-Jan-2015

Comments: Scottish to the bones, Albannach is a tribal pipe and drum band from Scotland that is all about translating their home country’s ancient and unique culture and history through the music they play.

To experience a live concert by Albannach is a life changing event that will have you addicted to their unique musical style and energy that transcends generations of Scots. Crowds just can't get enough of each and every member as they work hard at building the beat which explodes into a pipe and drum fest that is very hard to describe in words alone.

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Member Name: firewood2u
Date Posted: 28-May-2012

Comments: Gotta love big Nachers!

Member Name: KittyKat
Date Posted: 12-Mar-2012

Comments: Heart in the holy land is my favorite! It's just simply amazing and donnie on the pipes...epic! biggrin.gif

Member Name: Thunderseeker64
Date Posted: 03-Feb-2012

Comments: Keep on Naching in the free world!! Aye!! biggrin.gif

Member Name: aracodog
Date Posted: 03-Feb-2012

Comments: Can't mess with that deep guttural sound of the Albannach warning the enemy that the Scots are coming!

Member Name: LWALKER48
Date Posted: 30-Dec-2011

Comments: drums need an additional higher-pitch drum such as a US Marine Band snare drum.


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